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O'Reilly and Tammy “Michelle Obama Is Trash” Bruce Feign Indignation Over Eminem Video

Reported by Ellen - April 11, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Julie

On The O'Reilly Factor on April 8th, 2009, Bill O'Reilly, with “feminist” Tammy Bruce in tow, complained about Eminem being the “lowest form of entertainment.” Eminem, and his just-released video, “We Made You,” which featured, among other things, some dirty Sarah Palin lyrics and a sexed-up Sarah Palin look-alike (the same gal who made “Nailin' Palin” famous, I believe. And in case none of you saw the video, Eminem was pretty liberal with his bashing, including slams against Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian.) Their beef seemed to be some mixed-up idea of liberals hating women and promoting misogynistic behavior and the feminist groups not arising as one in protest over this Eminem video sexualizing Palin. Now, I'm just asking, but could it be that's because the right-wing did such a great job of sexualizing her itself, with the happy cries of 'GILF” and “MILF" and the “hottest Governor” t-shirts, and that it's a little tough now to cry “foul?” This is, I believe, what it means to be hoist on your own petard. With video.

And it's really interesting, this outrage, and O'Reilly and Bruce's indignation that the liberals always give Eminem a pass. Aside from the fact that's utter nonsense, I don't remember O'Reilly or Fox News getting so worked up and standing alongside the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) when it staged a protest against Eminem for gay-bashing at the 2001 Grammy Awards. And did they get behind NOW President Patricia Ireland, among other feminist groups, who joined GLAAD in its protest against Eminem for what NOW and others deemed misogynistic lyrics at those same Grammy Awards? Didn't think so. I guess when it's just good-old-boy gay-bashing, Fox doesn't care. And I guess when it's just misogynistic lyrics about women in general, Fox doesn't care. But heavens to Betsy, hands off (no pun intended) Sarah Palin!

O'Reilly sneered, “He's such a . . . it's so crude what he does. Nobody over 25 goes into this stuff.”

Bruce was quick to point out that “not one women's group” protested this video, and ranted that “what's been billed as feminism . . . is liberal politics.”

The left “clearly views her [Palin] as a threat . . .” Bruce declared, “to their status quo.”

Hmm, Tammy Bruce. Good choice of guest, Bill, to rail against attacks on women, considering that this is the same “feminist” who, while hosting Laura Ingraham's radio show, said of Michelle Obama “That's what he's married to . . . we've got trash in the White House.” And Bruce seems to have a history of finding liberal thinking a “threat” to the “status quo.” In an interview with John Hawkins from Right Wing News, Bruce said, “You can really only come to conclusions about individualism from the right. The left requires so much conformity and there is so much pressure and threat to not dissent that the idea of the individual almost cannot exist. It is like the epitome of a cult if you will.” Am I the only one who spit my coffee on my computer screen when I read that?

“You're a feminist,” O'Reilly stated, and wondered if there were any “honest” feminist groups in the country. Bruce eagerly latched on, saying that there was one, “Smart Girl Politics.”

Ah, Smart Girl Politics, right. Is that the Smart Girl Politics that defines itself as a “grassroots organization that promotes the opinions and principles of conservative women”? The group that's a co-sponsor of the Tax Day Tea Party? Oh, and the one that lists its upcoming events as “After the Tea Parties – What's Next?” and features an article entitled “Let's All Make Sure We Don't Give Unwanted Fodder to the Liberal Media?” That would be the same organization, right, that states in a headline on its web page that it is “thrilled with the support we have received from Smart Girls, Tammy Bruce and Michelle Malkin. We cannot thank them enough for all that they have done to make SGP one of the hottest organizations on the internet”? THAT Smart Girl Politics – the one with the article entitled Sarah's Gonna Make It, subtitled “Sarah Palin for President 2012”? No dog in this fight, no way, just the only honest “feminist” organization.

And as for liberal groups giving Eminem a pass, how about the petition to Interscope circulated a few years back by hip-hop loving African American females who were outraged over Eminem's racist and slanderous statements about black women (for which he later apologized)? Or the Women's Aid groups who circulated copies of Eminem's CD so they would know what they were “up against” in objecting to his anti-women lyrics? I mean, jeez, the New York City Council (hardly conservative) in 2007 moved to ban the word “bitch” because of lyrics by Eminem and other hip hop artists. There are plenty of incidences of feminist groups and gay and lesbian groups who have protested Eminem's lyrics and who have voiced objection – but I'd like to note that a diligent search has turned up no evidence that Fox News got behind any of them – like they're getting behind, say, the Tax Tea Party protest movement. And it should also be noted that most liberal people believe fervently in the right of free speech, and shutting Eminem up isn't the point.

And let's talk about Eminem and his awful lyrics . . . you know, like the song about an affair with an underage girl and trying to talk her into a threesome, or that other tune from the album about the guy fantasizing about sex with his young cousin . . . oh, wait, that wasn't Eminem, that was ''Janie Runaway'' and “Cousin Dupree” from 70's rocker Steely Dan's “Two Against Nature” album. Are we gonna hear from O'Reilly about THOSE lyrics from THAT band? Or AC/DC's 80's album, “Back in Black,” and the song “She Shook Me All Night Long?” How about the Stones? Beginning to think . . . no, couldn't be – surely a Fair and Balanced O'Reilly and Fox News wouldn't target Eminem now just because he sexed-up one of their right-wing darlings, would they?

O'Reilly ranted that if a country singer had made a song like that . . . “kill 'em, correct?”

Interrupted Bruce, “Or Michelle Obama,” or any “darling of the left” (not to be confused with Sarah Palin, “darling of the right.”) Bruce accused Eminem and the left of allowing attacks on “women in general . . .,” and O'Reilly gave a shout-out to his favorite “far left character assassination group,” Media Matters, who are only going after “traditional conservative broadcasters.” O'Reilly ranted that Eminem is obviously on an “obscene rant” about Sarah Palin, yet not a word from Media Matters, New York Times, LA Times, NBC, or the rest of the “monolithic left-wing media.” Noting that Eminem has big corporate interests behind him, O'Reilly indignantly wondered what would happen if FNC or News Corp backed something like that? O'Reilly used the alleged liberal media silence on the Palin sex video and the “what-ifs” as an example of the “hypocrisy and dishonesty” of the liberal media. Again, Bill, where were you when GLAAD was garnering support to protest Eminem's gay-bashing? Where's the love, Bill?

You know, it's quite a hoot to watch O'Reilly and Bruce slam liberals, when Bruce herself, in a 2003 interview with O'Reilly, said, “Well, first of all, let me say as a Democrat and as a feminist and as a progressive, and as an openly gay woman, I also have an investment in progressive politics.” It's amazing – this comes from someone who's in bed with the If-You're-Not-For-Us-You're-Against-Us crowd (like O'Reilly and Michelle Malkin), who bills herself as a feminist and a Democrat but denies it with every word she speaks. She butted heads with NOW during the OJ trial over racial issues v. domestic violence issues, and somehow went from that to writing for NewsMax. Bruce hasn't decided yet what she wants to be when she grows up, but she's taking her cues from the right-wing teleprompters.

Better watch it, Bruce – the next video Eminem makes might be about you . . . AND Sarah Palin.

If you can't view the video below, here's a link.