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Hannity Aids and Abets Dr. Laura: Stay Home and Make Your Man Happy

Reported by Ellen - April 11, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Julie

“There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women,” said Madeleine K. Albright. But you know, there's also a special place in hell for women who make a whole CAREER out of telling OTHER women to stay at home – especially when that woman has a history full of personal baggage that doesn't exactly lend itself to the “family values” agenda she's peddling. Despite the more obvious hypocrisies in Family Values Dr. Laura Schlessinger's world – she was estranged from her mother when she died and is estranged from her sister, and while insisting others should be stay at home moms at all costs (WSJ: “At what point do you advise mothers to go back to work? Dr. Laura: “The answer is never”), she was not a stay-at-home mother herself, refuses to discuss her past, claiming that it's irrelevant, and plays fast and loose with her credentials – Sean Hannity had no problem painting her as a beacon of hope in a Fox News utopia. With video.

On April 7, 2009, Hannity assisted Dr. Laura Schlessinger (though she referred to herself in her book “The Ten Commandments” – no irony there – as a licensed psychotherapist, her Ph.D. is in physiology, not psychology, in promoting her new book, “In Praise of Stay-At-Home Moms” and talking about the need for personal sacrifice and belt-tightening so the Little Woman can stay home with the kids and provide succor to her man after his hard day.

You know, I'm all in for any woman who chooses – CHOOSES – to stay home with her kids. I'm not all in when the husband insists on it. I'm not all in when the woman does it out of some misplaced guilt but hates every minute of it. And I'm not all in when someone like Dr. Laura, who has made a CAREER out of bullying and guilt-tripping women, continues her claptrap – with the help of Fox News' Hannity – for a return-to-50's lifestyle.

From the moment Hannity made the claim that “we demonize stay at home moms” (who's this universal “we” anyway?), the interview was replete with Dr. Laura-isms, such as, “So when Dad comes in — you should notice Dad. When Dad walks in, he compliments what's there. 'I just went through a hell of day in traffic, and I came home to the most beautiful, wonderful woman in the world and all these kids.'” Sure, that's what Ward Cleaver might have said to June.

Said Schlessinger, “Yes, I worked my life around my kid.” Apparently, for Schlessinger, it's okay to have a career as long as you don't rely on outside daycare. “. . . It is remarkable that you and I...”

Hannity interrupted to say ingratiatingly, “Who is an American hero.”

Continued Schlessinger, “Thank you. You and I, as successful as we are, but you know, you have a wonderful wife at home, taking care of the kids. But I know you always make the point of being there.” Hannity himself admitted in this interview, however, that he was often demanding of his wife.

Hannity asked Schlessinger, “What about people that say they can't afford it?”

Schlessinger replied, “Well, you know, I don't think there's a stay-at-home mother existing that doesn't, because it's been a luxury — every time, no matter what the current economic situation or not, it's always a sacrifice.” In this economic climate, lady, the “sacrifice” might be food or housing. “It always means you're giving up something. I mean, I remember we didn't have money for two cars. So my legs got strong, because I rode my son on the back of a bicycle, until it finally bent.” Again, in true elitist fashion, Schlessinger figures that just doing without that second car is the sacrifice; however, without two incomes, many families wouldn't be able to afford a single car . . . or a bike, for that matter.

Hannity happily helped Schlessinger along with her Fox News “family values” agenda. “You tell them — here we go — to understand their husband's day when they walk in the house, that they probably had a tough day. And you go — you talk about nurturing that relationship, which helps the children, you know . . .”

Well, in Schlessinger's world, hypocrisy rocks. Her own soldier son, Deryk – the one she claims she worked her life around – was a couple of years ago under military investigation for a graphic personal web page that included cartoon depictions of rape, murder, torture and child molestation, photographs of soldiers with guns in their mouths, accounts of drug use, and other equally repugnant racial epithets and obscenities. This is especially galling, considering that in an article in the Wall Street Journal, Schlessinger wrote, in regard to being a stay-at-home mom, “I will say, however, that your children are less likely to be major pains in the butt or get into horrendous situations. The closer the family is and the more hands-on time spent with children, the more likely those children -- as impulsive and impetuous as they normally are -- will set some limits on their youthful experimentation and nonsense.” (Hmm, that didn't work out too well for her own kid, did it? Well-balanced and mentally healthy? Not so much.) She went on to mock the notion of arranging a career around nannies and daycare, comparing it to salad dressing or some nonsense.

Hannity, of course, never questioned her about her own success, or lack thereof, around this formula of parenting she rams down womens' throats.

Dr. Laura bemoaned all the “negativity surrounding the most blessed, wonderful thing a woman can do . . . after all, you could have married a jerk, and he could just walk out on you and leave you cold and dry.” (That attitude isn't exactly a stretch here, is it Doc? I mean, isn't that exactly what your husband, Lew Bishop, did to the wife he was STILL MARRIED TO when you started dating him? You remember, right, the one you cohabitated with for nine years prior to marriage – the big no-no you preach against to everyone else? Again, Hannity chose not to mention her own highly-checkered past.

Concluded Hannity, “But the idea that, if the men do their part, and the women do their part, the children are going to be happy.”

The man part: Bring in the bacon. The woman part: Stay home. The child part: Be happy, even if happiness means being involved in dark and twisted internet scandals.

I guess we should all be grateful they didn't insist women greet their men at the door, wrapped in Saran wrap and covered in Mazola oil.