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Fox News Supports Potentially Violent Tea Party Goers and Business Guru Neil Cavuto Warns of Infiltrators

Reported by Ellen - April 11, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Julie

If there was ever any question that Fair and Balanced Fox News is in bed with the organizers of the Tea Party movement, consider this statement by the Executive Director of DontGo Movement, Eric Odom: “I will likely be on the Glenn Beck TV program this week or next to discuss the effort on Fox News. We've also been on countless radio programs and the Nationwide Movement is really starting to heat up . . . So what does this mean for the DontGo Movement? Well, it means that we, along with Smart Girl Politics and TCOT (Top Conservatives On Twitter), were able to pull off something that multi-million dollar organizations have tried to do for years but failed at . . . Eric Odom” (Emphasis added)

There's been quite a bit of talk going around about Fox News – and Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck, in particular – fomenting a revolution via their broadcasts, and this Tea Party protest is clearly some form of that right-wing agenda. In fact, don't let the smooth talk fool ya – this Tea Party movement is radical, potentially violent (as evidenced by its own website), and fully endorsed by Fox News. So let's talk a little about that harmless little DontGo Movement.

DontGo is a part of the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition (NTPC – the Republicans love acronyms), which was formed on February 20, 2009, by DontGo Movement, Top Conservatives on Twitter, and Smart Girl Politics. It should be noted that the NTPC is heartily endorsed by and partnered with Newt Gingrich's American Solutions for Winning the Future. And about those three groups that formed the NTPC: DontGo is the we-are-right-wing-but-don't-associate-us-with-Republicans group we'll talk about more. The Top Conservatives on Twitter (TCOT, another beloved acronym) is a group that seems determined to rocket the Republicans into the technological world. But it's kind of scary. At TCOT, “projects are led by Project Servant-Leaders (PS-Ls). We chose that term very intentionally to reflect the stewardship nature of leadership in our group. Our overall cause of restoring limited government, free markets, and conservative principles to the governance of the United States is a worthy one.” (I swear to God it said Servant-Leaders; I'm not making this up. Check out the cult-like similarities.) And Smart Girl Politics – whew, what can I say, they're for Sarah Palin in 2012 and have a shout-out on their website to Tammy Bruce and Michelle Malkin, so nothing more needs to be said there (except that, while radically conservative and not too sharp, they're at least not cult-like.) I recently did a post with a little more in-depth info on Tammy Bruce and Smart Girl Politics, which you can read here.

The DontGo movement's website has a blazing headline entitled, “Silent Majority No More! Revolution is Brewing.” And let's take a look at some of the blogs of this organization that Fox News promotes and encourages via its support of the Tea Party movement:

“The good news is that people are waking up to the type of people who are running the show in DC, pushing hard against their policies can work and make a difference. The people in DC have no spines”

“The question is what do we do next? The time for a revolution is not yet if they don't repeal the bailouts.”

And this, under the heading “Where Do We Go From Here? A Discussion About Strategy:” “I have said before that in order for an insurrection to be successful you must have either a majority of the people in agreement with or sympathetic to your cause, or you must have arms equal to those against whom you rebel.”

“I'm all for doing more than just protests. In fact, I hope that this Tea Party rally is one of the very few. Demonstrations, with images of picket signs and their slogans, are just to easy for the left and the media to dismiss.”

Posted under a heading, “Tea Party BS:"

A proper protest requires government bringing police dogs and water cannons; there must be tear gas and riot gear. If one isn't beat on and one doesn't do some beating; if one doesn't risk arrest and death, one isn't properly protesting!

And in the same “Tea Party BS” forum about tear gas and riot gear (Fox might want to reconsider its Family Values thing):
“There's nothing wrong with bringing kids to them either, they can sometimes send the most powerful message.”

Many armchair protesters, especially on the right side of the aisle, are known to put down the anti-war protesters of the 60's, but it took a real set of manly gonads to stand up to the police during those days. Even the hippie-chicks risked arrest, tear gas, and beatings to stand up for their beliefs.

If playing by the rules doesn't work then maybe we would have to escalate.

The thought of doing physical harm to fellow Americans is distasteful to me, as it should be to all American patriots and lovers of liberty. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations evinces a design to reduce Americans under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government... and generally such government doesn't just walk away peacefully.

This is on DontGo's website. This is scary shit. This is what Fox News is promoting, encouraging, and, in the case of FNC's Glenn Beck, fund-raising for.

And on April 7th, Neil Cavuto upped the ante by broadcasting a classic Fox News Loony Tunes Conspiracy Theory alert that “only eight days before a nationwide tea party some over-caffeinated crashers aiming to lay waste to it. Reports of very well-organized infiltrators trying to mix in and rain on this parade. Talk about taxing . . . .” Hmmm, Neil, isn't everyone, of any party, welcome to attend these completely non-partisan common-folk tea parties? Or is this really more along the lines of the kind of rally the FBI used to infiltrate?

Cavuto went on, “But talk about prepared . . .” He said that John O'Hara, the organizer of the Chicago Tea Party, is “tea'd up and tea'd off and ready . . . and so is Mark Meckler . . . heading up a similar party outside the Sacramento State House . . . which, by the way, WE will be covering.”

“Mark . . . how seriously do you take these threats?” asked Fair and Balanced Cavuto, obviously unhinged at the idea that some people out of lock-step might attend these protests.

Replied Meckler, “We expect people to attempt to infiltrate . . . we trust the grass roots, we know that the people are skeptical of anyone approaching them at these events [wow, isn't that kind of how cults keep their subjects isolated? Warn them that any approachers are evildoers and will try to dissuade them from their cultly purpose? In fact, cult leaders “govern the contact they [members] can have with outsiders.”] . . . we invite everybody to come to our events . . . ACORN, the Huffington Post, Daily Kos . . . we want them all there.”

Cavuto kept pushing. “If they attend, though, John, something tells me they won't be sharing the same placards. Are you worried about that?”

Sneered O'Hara, “I'm not worried about it at all. This is a genuine grass roots movement . . . if ACORN wants to send some of their paid pretend activists to show up, that's fine.” My, you're sounding very hostile and partisan, John, considering that this is supposedly a non-partisan event open to everyone of every party.

Said Cavuto: “The early reports we're getting from this so-called infiltration plan is that they're going to try to make it look like these are fringe group efforts, this is a fringe . . . even racist undertaking. Um, Mark, how are you going to handle that if that comes up?”

“You let your game speak for itself,” replied Meckler. “ . . . thanks to your coverage, Neil . . . and all the Fox there at folks [sic]. . .” How'd you swing that, Neil, a shout-out to Fox? Who'd a thunk, considering all you're doing is Fair and Balanced “reporting”? Where's the love for MSNBC, NBC, CNN? “We're not worried about these folks polluting the events.” Polluting the events? By showing up? Is it just me, or is this “grassroots” movement sounding more and more like a REAL cult? And what, these infiltrators are gonna show up and kidnap them into some kind of cult deprogramming camp? (I saw a movie about that once, where James Woods played a guy who kidnapped and deprogrammed cult victims.)

So, if ACORN (a community organization), or Huffington Post (a legitimate news organization), or Daily Kos (another legitimate news organization) should show up at these completely non-partisan anyone-can-attend rallies they will be viewed as infiltrators? God help NBC if it shows up.

I say this in jest, but I'm not sure I'm completely kidding: Where's James Woods when we need him?