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Leslie Marshall Confronts Neil Cavuto About FOX News' Role In The Tea Party Protests

Reported by Ellen - April 9, 2009 -

You gotta love radio talk show host Leslie Marshall. Anyone who watches the FOX News Saturday morning “Cost of Freedom” shows, two solid hours of the Republican agenda disguised as business programs, knows how intrepidly she stands up for progressive values despite being greatly outnumbered on every panel. On yesterday's (4/8/09) Your World with Neil Cavuto, Marshall confronted Cavuto about the tea party protests he and FOX News are relentlessly hyping. She even got a dig in about FOX News' Republican slant. Cavuto grew frustrated at her spirited debate and her refusal to view the tea party protests and FOX News' celebration of them as some kind of grassroots movement divorced from Republican politics. Before long, the ordinarily mild-mannered Cavuto started yelling at her and, in a classic FOX News “Shut up!” moment, told her to “Stop! Stop!” With video.

As Cavuto (wrongly) insisted that the protests represent a “popular wave,” Marshall refused to buy it. “I don't know what part of,” Cavuto began with obvious vexation. “You can't freakin' hear me – Leslie, Leslie! Here's a FOX News alert (he actually asked for the FOX News alert to come on the screen which it did, complete with its “swoosh” noise).” Then Cavuto started yelling, “THIS ISN'T ABOUT PARTY!”

Marshall calmly responded with a smile, “Everything that you do is about your party. Don't lie.”

Cavuto, exasperated, said, “Leslie, you're stilly and you're stupid making that point.”

“I'm not stupid making that point,” Marshall replied. She continued by asking, “What happened in the past eight years to get us to this point today? Where was the tea being thrown in the past eight years?”

Cavuto's voice rose. Then, in a possible Freudian slip, he asked, “What part of 'this is not about Party' do you understand?”

The bone of their contention was Marshall's argument that the tea parties were not going to be significant nor make much of an impact. “What are you asking for with your protests?” she asked.

Cavuto couldn't answer. His voice lowered for effect he said, “Stop. Stop.”

She didn't say anything.

After a long pause, Cavuto, sounding troubled, said, “Alright. Good-bye.”

Leslie Marshall, top dog again.