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Holier-Than-Thou Gingrich Not Above Pushing "Infanticide" Falsehoods To Smear Obama

Reported by Ellen - April 8, 2009 -

Newly-minted Catholic (and admitted adulterer) Newt Gingrich appeared on On The Record last night, April 7, 2009, for a two-part interview. It was clear from the subjects discussed in Part 2 of the interview – President Barack Obama's “controversial” speech at Notre Dame and his appointment of a gay activist critical of the Pope to the White House faith-based initiative council – that FOX News producers were deliberately setting up an anti-Obama segment. There was nobody to balance Gingrich at any point in the show. “Liberal” Greta Van Susteren not only allowed Gingrich to smear Obama without rebutting his distortions, her questions were designed to elicit the criticism. With video.

In yet another discussion about Obama's upcoming speech at Notre Dame, Gingrich suggested that instead of protesting at Notre Dame, students organize via Twitter and Facebook so that “millions of Americans (can take) a few moments to consider the importance of protecting the unborn and to consider how wrong it was for President Obama to have favored infanticide when he was a state senator.”

In reality, Obama never favored infanticide, something FOX News' own Alan Colmes repeatedly clarified last fall and which is borne out by the facts. But it seems that no accusation is too low or too incendiary to level at Obama on "pro-America" FOX News.

Gingrich suggested that on the day Obama speaks at Notre Dame, “the entire nation might, in a prayerful and solemn way, think about whether or not there is a right to life.” He suggested that Obama might “accidentally trigger” an awareness of a right to life.

What “liberal” Van Susteren somehow never got around to mentioning is that polls consistently show that most Americans favor the right to choose. Nor did she question Gingrich's questionable accusation of infanticide. Instead, she asked, in all likelihood knowing the answer, whether or not the issue of Obama appearing at Notre Dame was really “such a core issue” that it was a “huge mistake” to invite him.

Sure enough, Gingrich said it was, and conveniently used that opening to attack Obama further. First, he bragged about his recent conversion to Catholicism (after two divorces and a series of adulterous affairs – a hypocrisy that viewers of the “we report, you decide” network might have weighed against Gingrich's suddenly holier-than-thou sermonizing but Van Susteren never seemed to have thought about that). “The question of when life begins is at the heart of Catholic doctrine,” Gingrich intoned self-importantly. “The question of whether or not babies should be killed is quite clear in Catholic teaching, and in that sense it is certainly a controversial choice.”

Funny, I don't remember anyone on FOX News ever questioning Rudy Giuliani's Catholicism over his less-than-strict views on abortion, but maybe there's something about being an adulterer that makes everything forgivable on FOX – unless, of course, you're Bill Clinton.

Then the newly pious Newt took another dishonest swipe at Obama. Gingrich smugly predicted, “Very few people will favor the kind of infanticide that Senator Obama (sic) favored when he as in the state senate... Maybe this day will turn out in a way to be a blessing by God” in that it would be “exactly the right kind of conversation" to have “across America.”

Van Susteren once again made no comment on the outrageous charge that Obama supported infanticide. Instead, she moved to another question made to elicit an anti-Obama response, asking Gingrich about Obama's appointment to his faith-based initiative advisory group a gay activist who has said “some very harsh words” about the Pope.

Gingrich did not disappoint her. He accused the Obama administration of being “anti-religious,” of “waging war” against churches and synagogues and having a goal of “a very secular America.”

Van Susteren, who surely must have known Gingrich would respond negatively, didn't point out that Knox is one of 25 appointees and that he is a former licensed pastor of a United Methodist Church in Georgia.

She also remained silent as Gingrich went on to attack Obama over his choice of David Hamilton as a federal appeals judge. Van Susteren is a lawyer but she made no comment as Gingrich provocatively suggested that Obama (via Hamilton) is more sympathetic to Muslims than Christians because Hamilton ruled that prayers mentioning Allah were not necessarily sectarian (because Allah means “God”) in the Indiana House of Representatives while those mentioning “Christ” were. Van Susteren never mentioned that Hamilton has the bipartisan support of both senators from Indiana. Republican Senator Richard Lugar said he "enthusiastically" supports Hamilton, another signficant fact not provided to the "we report, you decide" network's audience. Instead, FOX viewers were left with the impression that Hamilton is some wild-eyed radical.

Van Susteren merely said cheerfully, “Mr. Speaker, thank you. I hope to have you on early next week."