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A Real Former Nazi Says FOX News Is Like The Nazis

Reported by Ellen - April 8, 2009 -

There's an interesting diary on DailyKos (hat tip reader Jaga, for forwarding it to us) about his ex-Nazi father's reaction to FOX News. "This is some kind of joke, right? ...All you have to do is change a few adjectives, and it's Nazi talk." The author goes on to list the similarities in "totalitarian rhetoric." That incident occurred in 2004 and the writer's father died before the 2008 election.

I had a similar experience in 2005 talking to a World War II vet, whom I called Mr. G, which I wrote about in a post called, "Hannity reminds me of a Nazi." I think it has gotten worse since Obama was inaugurated. Thankfully, Mr. G is still alive. I'll have to get an update from him some time.