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Greta Van Susteren Allows Platform For Anti-Choice, Anti-Obama Talking Points

Reported by Priscilla - April 7, 2009 -

The discussion format, on Fox, for Obama’s invitation to speak and receive an honorary degree from the University of Notre Dame has been an opportunity for anti-choice and anti-Obama rhetoric. Greta Van Susteren, on her March 25th show, provided a forum for those who are using this “controversy” to promote their cause which involves disparaging the president as well as recitation of conservative, Catholic,"right to life" talking points - without any counterpoint. The discussion that Greta moderated was yet another example of Fox being not so “fair and balanced.”

Both of Greta’s guests, Mary Daly, President of Notre Dame's campus Right to Life Club, and Kathleen Donahue, editor in chief of the student journal "Beyond Politics” oppose Obama’s visit to the campus. Greta’s questions were appropriate in that she brought up how President Bush, who spoke at Notre Dame, was “at odds with the Pope” over Iraq. She also asked what the President of the school was saying about the protest. So my issue is not really about the questions, per se, but the choice of two speakers who oppose the visit. (I do wish she asked the women about the numbers of students supporting the visit and the involvement of Randall Terry.) During the discussion, the students worked in standard right wing “pro-life” and anti-Obama talking points such as “But I think that the issue right now is specifically President Obama and his actions against the pro-life mantra of the Catholic Church” and “And we personally feel that you cannot honor someone who violates the fundamental moral principles of the Catholic Church at a Catholic institution.” So here we have it – Obama is violating the core principals of the Catholic Church so you Obama supporting Catholics better get to confession and renounce your support of the president. Can we say “wedge issue?” I don’t begrudge the students the right to protest; but in the interests of “fair and balanced,” I think Greta could have invited a student who supports the invitation such as Brett Ensor, who belongs to the Knights of Columbus and who said “What college wouldn’t want Obama to come? This is a tremendous honor for us.” Or Max Young who says “If you can’t speak openly at Notre Dame, who’s going to want to come here?” If not a student, how about Notre Dame theologian, Reverend Richard McBrien who states that the conservative Catholics “are simply Republicans who are upset that Obama won the election — and they want to pick a fight.” A fight being aided and abetted by Fox News.