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Dick Morris: Obama Has Repealed The Declaration Of Independence

Reported by Ellen - April 7, 2009 -

Dick Morris, disingenuously introduced as “former Clinton advisor” as usual, visited the set of Hannity last night (4/6/09) for a little more hate-mongering against President Barack Obama. FOX News producers did their part by putting “Dangerous Age of Obama” in big letters on the screen. There to discuss Obama's European trip, Morris wasted no time getting right down to the hate-mongering nitty gritty, declaring that, “The way I put it, Sean, is during (Obama's) trip, the Declaration of Independence was repealed.” With video.

“I view this as almost a Dixie Chick type moment,” Hannity said about Obama's supposed “attack” on America in Europe. The only problem is, judging from his approval ratings, nobody but the people who already dislike him seem to see it that way.

Morris said, “The way I put it, Sean, is during this trip, the Declaration of Independence was repealed.” The reason, Morris claimed, was because the United States “gave up its economic sovereignty to the G20.”

You could tell from Hannity's tone that even he knew Morris had gone overboard. But rather than rebut something that might hurt Obama – no matter how ludicrous – Hannity egged on Morris. With transparent credulity, Hannity asked, “Our Declaration, our founding document... with the idea that we're endowed by our Creator, and America has paid the price for that liberty and freedom around the world. You're saying he has basically pushed that, that aside?”

“Basically, from an economic standpoint, he's repealed it,” Morris said. From there Morris went into what was essentially a rehash of what he said on On The Record last week. Our Julie has been working on an excellent analysis of Morris' far-fetched conspiracy theories. Stay tuned.