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Fox&Friends As Defenders Of the Faith

Reported by Priscilla - April 6, 2009 -

“Defender of the Faith” was the title given to the British monarch Henry VIII, by the Roman Pope, before their nasty spat and break up. The term could now be give to Fox&Friends for their valiant effort to promote a Christian viewpoint for the “Fox Nation.” This strange and exotic country is very Christian, as demonstrated on this morning's Fox&Friends when Steve Doocy discussed a recent Newsweek article “The Decline and Fall of Christian America.” (Certainly not in the “Fox Nation!”) “It doesn’t take a weatherman to know which way the wind blows” in the “Fox Nation.” Fox News is the propaganda outlet of the conservative right wing so it’s not surprising that they would promote the religious agenda of same group.

Doocy said that he was “aghast” that Newsweek had their cover story during “Holy Week.” If Doocy were a real journalist, he would assume that not all the viewers might know what “Holy Week” is; but as he works for Fox, I guess he assumes that everybody who watches Fox is suitably Christian. He interviewed John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge, the authors of “God is Back.” Micklethwait said that Time did the same thing in the 60’s with their “God is dead” cover and since then, “God has done very well in America.” Doocy quoted Newsweek’s John Meacham’s (author of a best selling tome about Andrew Jackson, “American Lion”) statistic, taken from a recent poll, regarding the declining percentage of those Americans who identify as Christians as having declined from 86 to 76%. He said, gushingly, “but it’s still 76.” Micklethwait said that although the number of atheists has increased, so has the number of evangelicals. Sewing a silver lining, Adrian Wooldridge said that while former doubters are more willing to identify as atheists, more Christians declare their firm allegiance to their faith. He warned about a “very big backlash” against the Court decision allowing gay marriage in Iowa. He said “God is very much here.” Doocy cited increased numbers of Chinese attending church to which Micklethwait said that this “American model of religion is spreading all over the world.” Doocy concluded that the book, “God is Back,” is so appropriate during Holy Week.

Comment: If Fox&Friends were “fair and balanced,” they might want to interview somebody from Newsweek. Meacham, an Episcopalian, is frequently a guest on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. But the choice of Micklethwait and Wooldrich was interesting. The NY Times reviewed “God is Back” and described the author’s theory that religion was returning because of the market forces of capitalism. The Times comments that their previous book, “Right Nation,” made similar sweeping generalities that were “proven comically wrong” and that they “employ a similar methodology” in “God is Back” where they contradict available data. If Doocy had read the book he might have asked them about the part (which sounds interesting) where they talk about the “marketing of religion” and how people, who have rejected their parents churches, have turned to megachurches – the kind of thing that Jon Stewart would ask an author. The review says that “they sound very rah, rah about religion” which makes them perfect for Fox&Friends. Can somebody give me an Amen!