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Despite FOX News' Predictions Otherwise, Obama Is "A Rock Star In England."

Reported by Ellen - April 2, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Julie

On last night's (4/1/09) O’Reilly Factor, reporter Olly Barratt was one of Bill O’Reilly’s first guests, reporting from London that President Obama is “a rock star in England . . . A very popular man.” That was quite a contrast to FOX News' predictions which reported Obama was rejected by the Europeans before he got there.

Barratt (I like to think gleefully) told O’Reilly that President Obama is so popular partly due to the “unpopularity of his predecessor” and because President Obama is “a bit different.” He went on to say that President Obama is “right up there" with Princess Diana in popularity, though in a different way. Now that President Obama is back, Barrett commented, “London... feels again like... the center of the universe here again.”

O’Reilly took his customary jabs at the internet, claiming that protesters in London gathered in response to calls on sites like Facebook and Twitter, to name a couple, that could mobilize “hundreds and thousands of people in a day.” (This is the sort of “flash mob” we’ve talked about on Newshounds with regard to the Tea Party protests; it’s a funny thing that O’Reilly had no problem in recent weeks with the fact that these same internet tools have been used to summon anti-Obama Tea Party-goers.) O’Reilly sneered that the protesters in London have “no platform, program, cohesive message . . . They just want to vent,” and claimed that “these loons wanted the cops to wade in and start wailing away.”

In fact, about 4,000 protesters converged today on the financial district -- including anti-globalisation protesters, anti-war protesters and environmental activists -- to demand more help for the poor and the punishment of bankers they blame for the crisis. Other, peaceful protests by anti-war activists were held outside the US embassy in another district of the capital. So, yeah, the protesters’ methods aren’t exactly ideal, but it seems like they do, in fact, have a message, and they do, in fact have a platform. It just isn’t the message or platform that suits Fox.

O’Reilly asked Barratt why these protesters can’t be infiltrated “It’s not hard to be a crazy nut,” O’Reilly commented. True that, Bill.