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Bill O'Reilly Talks Titillation

Reported by Priscilla - April 1, 2009 -

The conservative, Christian, so called “culture war's" obsession with sex and sexuality seems to be a way for them to titillate themselves while they rail about the sexual decadence which threatens the core of America as we know it. Thus, it’s not surprising that the “culture war” commander-in-chief, Bill O’Reilly, focuses on sex and sexuality in his “Culture Warriors” segment of the Factor – a strange piece of commentary that has Bill doing a lot of smarmy, supercilious, smirking while condescendingly cajoling his two, blond conservative gal pals into debating him. When they agree with him, he condescendingly, but approvingly, smiles. When they disagree, Fox’s Big Daddy condescendingly, but gently, reprimands and teases them. They giggle. This week’s “Culture Warriors” (March 30th) was vintage “culture war” cognitive dissonance as Bill complained about “titillating” commercials on TV and the Web, while playing them from start to finish. Who is really doing the titillating here? Methinks he doth protest too much!

The segment was previewed, on Bill’s Fox website, as “too hot for TV” with a close up, facial photo of the very hot Padma Lakshmi (model, actress, cookbook author, Top Chef judge) holding a hamburger while licking her hand. The caption was “Too Hot for TV, sexy commercial for hamburgers.” (Comment: An image sure to produce salivation for “traditionalist” family values guys who like their red meat.) Those who were hungry for more were satiated, during the beginning of the segment, when Bill played the whole commercial which featured the seductive eating of a Carl’s Jr.burger. (As if Padma would ever actually eat one of those things!!!) Bill joked that he spent the whole weekend hanging around burger joints looking for somebody eating a burger like that lady. (Comment: He probably did!) Monica Crowley joked that she eats burgers that way and Margaret Hoover, in a comment that was sure to put Bill “at attention,” said that one day Bill would be lucky to see she and Monica eat a burger. While they were speaking, Bill continued to play the commercial. In claiming that before the internet, “this could not have happened,” he showed that his 50’s days as a “bold, fresh” lad were spent in a bubble because he obviously never saw Edie Adams Muriel cigar commercial.” Julie Newmar’s sexy Korvette’s ad was in the 70's; but it was before the internet. He claimed that with the internet “there are no standards and practices.” Claiming that this type of imagery is unsuitable for children, Bill seemed a bit distressed when the “warriors” said that they didn’t have a problem with the ad which, they noted, had been cleaned up for tv. When Crowley noted that these types of ad (she mentioned the Paris Hilton “car wash” ad) are targeted to young men, aging man Bill O’Reilly played the entire Paris Hilton ad. After Bill dismissively said that he didn’t care about the ad, he traveled back to those halcyon, patriarchal years of his youth, when he said that "the home used to be a sanctuary and it no longer is” and added some paranoia with “the barbarians are in the gate.” He talked about how "it's the family hour, all of a sudden it’s Padma.” (Memo to Bill: you’re on in the “family hour” when all of a sudden it’s the “Patriot Girls” and Padma and Paris) Bill then ran the “MILF” Spirit Airline commercial which featured a guy in bed with his best friend’s mother.” Bill said that his previous commentary about the commercial was referenced in the NY Times He LIED when he said that the paper “did not mention what the commercial was, didn’t mention that it was a young guy and his friend’s ma.” Oh, really! Bill didn’t read the article which began “On the TV screen, a 30-ish guy is lounging in bed, talking on the phone, with an older woman curled up near his arm.
“Dude, there is no way your mom is cheating on your dad,” he says…”

The last part of the segment was classic Bill narcissism as he played the section of his appearance on The View where Barbara Walters talked about his high ratings. He talked about how his show is “provocative and fun.” He also played the part when he talked about how he disapproves of Sean Penn. Bill asked his “warriors,” “how’d I do?” (translation: “Who’s your daddy!) Hoover said that this was his best appearance on the View and that Bill “ran circles around them.” Crowley said that “in the sea of X chromosomes, you represented the Y chromosome very well and I love the way they flirt with you.” (as if the “culture warrior” segment isn’t one big flirt fest!) Not shown was Barbara Walters asking about Bill’s enemies list. Not shown was Elisabeth Hasslebeck’s sarcastic retort to Bill’s comment about “twitter.” At the end of the segment, Bill proclaimed, in his most unctuous manner, that he did not call Joy Behar a “popinjay.” The ladies giggled.

Comment: Fun? How about titillation that was totally creepy!

Addendum: The photo of Padma licking her hand is the image that accompanies the video on the Fox video site. Oh, hide the children!