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Beck And Bachmann Spread More Paranoid Falsehoods About Geithner And The Dollar

Reported by Ellen - April 1, 2009 -

Glenn Beck revisited the phony Republican/wingnut conspiracy theory about Secretary Timothy Geithner supposedly “being open to” replacing the U.S. Dollar with some international, One World currency. It's black helicopter kind of thinking, and even Republican pollster Scott Rasmussen admits it's a phony issue, but it is being promoted by none other than Rep. Michele “Congress should be investigated to make sure they're really pro-American” Bachmann. So who did Beck call on to discuss it? Someone who might be a genuine spokesperson for Geithner? An independent journalist or observer? Anyone who might offer a “fair and balanced” perspective? No, the sole guest for the discussion was Bachmann. With video.

Conveniently for Bachmann, she just happens to have legislation to “save the dollar” that she's peddling. Beck was flamboyantly disappointed that she only had 30 sponsors. Somehow, he managed not to break into tears.

“Maybe with your show today we'll get a few more members of Congress that will get phone calls from the folks back home encouraging them to sign on.” Bachmann served up her cult-member smile for the camera.

Beck never bothered to note that Geithner's supposed advocacy for moving away from the dollar was in reality a willingness to reconsider which currency will be the world standard against which all other monies are measured, in other words, for international reserves, not the dough we use to pay the baby sitter and buy gas. However, he did challenge the usefulness of Bachmann's bill because, in Beck's mind, the bigger problem is the value of the dollar.

Without bothering to offer any proof, Bachmann argued that changing the use of the dollar in international reserves “in itself would devalue our dollar lower than we have ever seen before in the history of our country.”

Beck, not surprisingly, took her at her word. Instead of probing her unsubstantiated theory, he upped the anti-Democratic ante by tying the issue into the upcoming G20 summit meeting and fanning the flames of suspicion and fear. “This is critical,” he said, melodramatically as ever (though still, thankfully, dry eyed). “What they're going to do at the G20 is they're gonna talk about new financial global institutions. They're gonna talk about new framework. How scary is this?”

The banner on the screen read: “Rep. Bachmann: Geithner has left the option on the table.” I'll wager dollars to doughnuts that most of the audience would have been misled into thinking that the option Geithner “left on the table” is to replace the dollar with a One World currency. Indeed, as if they were trying to validate that misapprehension, FOX's next banner read, “Rep. Bachmann's bill would prohibit global currency.”

You can contact the show via glennbeck@foxnews.com.