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Bill O’Reilly Continues To Smear Dr. Tiller And Insult Women

Reported by Priscilla - March 30, 2009 -

Bill O’Reilly is not a doctor; but he does play one on TV. On Friday (March 27th) he gave us a “medical” opinion during a discussion about the acquittal of Kansas abortion provider, Dr. George Tiller whom he, once again, referred to as “Tiller, the baby killer.” (Memo to Bill: what part of “acquitted” don’t you get?) Bill did play God when he said that “there has to be a special place in hell for this guy.” Glenn Beck also played doctor when he claimed that “there has never been a case for partial birth abortion." Fellow TV physician O’Reilly voiced his agreement by responding “not with the technology they have, we all know that." Not content to insult Tiller, O’Reilly continued by denigrating the women who made the difficult decision to terminate their pregnancies at Tiller’s clinic. This isn’t the first time that Bill has presented misinformation about women’s health issues; but when one is pushing a propaganda point, in this case an anti-choice one, accuracy isn’t a problem. In addition to a lack of accurate medical information and information regarding the actual court case, the comments also show, I believe, a disregard for women and that is troubling. I realize that Bill is an “opinion journalist;” but shouldn’t his opinion, at least, be based on fact?

When Glenn spoke, as a parent of an adopted child, that life is the most precious thing that you can give to a child, Bill said that “there are waiting lists all over the United States.” (Comment: Does O’Reilly see American women as brood mares whose purpose is to help childless couples?) According to the “Nationwide 129,000 children wait in foster care for adoption. A majority of them are children of minority heritage who face significant developmental, medical, behavioral and/or emotional challenges.” So there are children available. Dr. Bill obviously can’t deal with the outcome of the case against Tiller because he said, despite Dr. Tiller’s acquittal, that Tiller will “kill your baby for $5,000 dollars” for any reason” and joked (?!) “you go in, you go the Glenn Beck program upset me today, I can’t have the baby, you got five grand, bang, he’s taking them out.” (Comment: not only does that comment show total disrespect for women, who have made a difficult choice regarding termination of a pregnancy that could endanger her life - as shown by the court decision, it’s a lie.)

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane. In October 2006, O’Reilly claimed, on his radio show, that “it is never the case that a mother’s life is in danger during a pregnancy.” Wrong, as noted by CDC ectopic pregnancies are the leading cause of death during the first trimester. The Mayo Clinic notes that Preclampsia can be fatal. Last summer, on “The Factor,” O’Reilly made the totally preposterous statement that “birth control is not a medical condition, not a choice” in arguing that health insurance plans should not be obligated to cover the cost. He also argued that Viagra should be covered because it is used to “help a medical condition.” (Getting the “pipe up?”) In addition to preventing conception (a medical condition) oral contraceptives are used for acne and severe menstrual cramps. But Bill took it one step further when he said: “Why should I, or anyone else, have to pay for other people’s choices? [very irrately] Do I have to buy you dinner before you use the birth control? Give me and every other taxpayer a break, Planned Parenthood.” (WTF?!)

But the remarks about so called “partial birth abortion” were factually inaccurate and offensive. The term “partial birth abortion” is not correct, from either a scientific or journalistic standpoint as it is a product of pro-life forces who coined it in order to make an emotional and non scientific argument regarding the “life” issue. It is not accepted by medical association such as the AMA. The correct medical term is intact dilation and extraction (D&X). and it is one of a number of procedures used for late term abortion. When Beck and O’Reilly gave their medical opinions, they obviously hadn’t seen this, from the AMA: "According to the scientific literature, there does not appear to be any identified situation in which intact D&X is the only appropriate procedure to induce abortion. The AMA recommends against intact dilation and extraction, unless alternative procedures pose a greater risk to the woman.” It has never been determined if Tiller performs D&X despite O’Reilly trying to link him to it. The process, in accordance with federal statute and a SCOTUS decision is used for fetuses that are dying, malformed, or threatening the mother’s life - not the whim of the mother, as O'Reilly "joked?" The Kansas case was not about partial birth abortion; but rather the question of whether Tiller followed the law regarding the the use and appropriateness of required second opinions for the terminations. For Bill O’Reilly to say that women, on a whim, subject themselves to late term abortion is truly reprehensible – but not suprising given Bill’s penchant for the patriarchy which is very threatened by women who assert control over their bodies.

Comment: Despite the Tiller verdict, O’Reilly will continue to spin and smear in order to promote a partisan and very ideological view. Not exactly “real journalism, fair and balanced.” And regarding that “special place in hell,” I suspect that there’s a room already reserved for Bill O’Reilly.

And I leave you with a video from a great feminist blog, “Feministing” – The Friday Feminist FU To Bill O’Reilly

And the O'Reilly segment in which Beck actually appears to be the more lucid!