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Hannity And Discredited Guest Hysterically Hype Terrorism Threat From Mexico

Reported by Ellen - March 29, 2009 -

On Friday’s (3/27/09) Hannity, Sean Hannity hosted discredited journalist Sara A. Carter for what can only be viewed as a deliberate attempt to whip up fear and hatred for Mexicans. Though their east coast studios were thousands of miles from the border, the two pundits must have been so terrified (or partisan) that instead of a balanced presentation about the supposed threat of Hezbollah in Mexico, Carter became almost hysterical arguing that Islamo-Mexican terrorists are poised to invade while Hannity egged on the histrionics by “asking” if they might not be able to sneak in a nuke. He also used the discussion to attack the Obama administration, of course. With video.

Far be it for me to pooh-pooh Carter’s recent report that the Iranian-backed Hezbollah is using Mexican drug routes to smuggle drugs and people into the United States. But Carter has a history of making inflated claims about Islamic-backed terrorists working with Mexican drug gangs. That, and her anti-immigrant hate-mongering were written up by the hate-watch group, Southern Poverty Law Center which also noted her “heavily biased coverage and fact-stretching reporting on Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, former U.S. Border Patrol agents who were convicted… (of) shooting an unarmed immigrant and then covering up the episode.” Those aspects of Carter’s background were not provided to the “we report, you decide” network’s audience. There was no opposing view, not even a neutral one such as might come from an immigration official or national security expert.

Hannity, of course, ate up every dire word out of Carter’s mouth. “For the life of me,” he said, “I don't understand why the (border) fence isn't completely built.”

It's no surprise that Hannity doesn’t understand why the fence hasn't been built. He’s so busy worrying about the Mexican invasion in New York that he hasn’t a clue about how people who actually live on the border, where they deal with the problem of immigration in real life, feel about the fence. Hint: They think it’s a waste of money that will hurt American interests and be ineffective at preventing illegal crossings.

During the interview, Carter dropped any pretense of being a neutral reporter and turned into a rabid advocate. “Look, this is not a law enforcement issue, this is a national security issue!” she almost shrieked. After citing unnamed officials who agree with her, she added, “I've been down there, myself.”

Well, it was good of her to pay a visit. Maybe next time, she could learn something about how the people who live there feel. And, while she may feel safer in Washington with a fence 2000 miles away, people on the frontline of the problem won't. As the San Francisco Chronicle reported, Mike Allen, director of the McAllen (Texas) Economic Development Corp., said in 2006, "Every single mayor from Brownsville to El Paso is against it.”

But I have yet to see a guest with that perspective on Hannity or anywhere else on FOX News, for that matter.

Carter continued on her jag of Mexican-phobia: Her voice rising to near hysteria, she said, “These guys have built a criminal syndicate that we can't even comprehend. These are armies, these aren't gangs!”

Hannity deliberately egged on the inflammatory rhetoric. “Do you think it's possible,” he asked, his voice an innocent "just wondering" tone, “Is it possible they can sneak in a nuke? You know, we keep hearing about these missing suitcase nukes from the former Soviet Union (not during the Bush administration we didn't, at least not on FOX). Is it possible that they can bring in weapons of mass destruction? Or am I living in a paranoid, delusional fantasy here?

Not surprisingly, Carter declared Hannity's fears well-founded. Not only WMD's, Carter opined, but we should worry about“foot soldiers” who might well be suicide bombers. “It's just that easy,” she said. Then, citing September 11, she said dramatically, “We were struck by planes in the sky. It's not impossible. Look, Al Qaeda's already looked at the border. Hezbollah's made their way through the border. We don't know who else has made their way through that border.”

Predictably, Hannity moved to use that against President Obama. Counting off on his fingers, he complained for the zillionth time, “We can't use the term 'enemy combatant,' 'war on terrorism,' ...It seems that we're going back to a pre-9/11 mentality.”

And you just know that if, God forbid, there is a terror attack, wherever it comes from, whatever the tactic, “Great American” Hannity and his “pro-America” colleagues at FOX News will spend 24/7 not rallying around the country they profess to love, but doing their best to tear it further apart for partisan gain.