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Bill O’Reilly’s Hypocrisy

Reported by Priscilla - March 28, 2009 -

Bill O’Reilly was quite verklempt about the protest against his appearance for an organization that provides support for rape victims. O’Reilly claimed, with no quotes or commentary from anyone connected with the It Happened To Alexa Foundation, that the protest hurt the Foundation and even the woman after whom the Foundation was named. Not surprisingly, O’Reilly did not address why folks were outraged. Not surprisingly, he smeared them as “far left loons.” So one would think that O’Reilly is not a fan of public activism, right? Wrong – as can be seen from Bill’s frequent calls to action, he is quite the fan of letting loose the forces of populist rage. But when populist rage turns against him, the loofah mitt is on the other hand.

Bill lives in a dualistic world of good and evil. In true authoritarian (and he is the Big Daddy) totalitarian, paranoid fashion, he has a large list of people, places, and things, that he doesn’t approve of, contained in his book “Culture Warrior.” He also has a list of media outlets that “traffic in defamation.” (ROFL, the irony, the irony!) He loves to kvetch with Bernard Goldberg about his enemies list. And he uses his show as a platform to smear those “evil” forces who don’t agree with the gospel according to Bill O’Reilly. And like Pope Urban, who urged on Christian crusaders with the promise of a heavenly box seat, Pope Bill has urged his viewers to crusade against all those evildoers – especially those who don’t say Merry Christmas. And rather than a free pass to the other side, O’Reilly’s crusaders get a nice bumper sticker. Father Christmas has even called for a boycott of stores that don’t say the magic words. Thus, Pere Noel shouldn’t get upset about the efforts, by those who are appalled at his latest stalking escapade (in addition to his general lies and scapegoating), to contact his advertisers.

And here’s another funny thing. O’Reilly was quite appalled by the boycott organized against those business that supported the anti gay marriage Proposition 8. France didn’t agree with Mr. Bill’s position on Iraq; so he called for a boycott of French stuff. (When later claiming that it was a success, he cited a non existent paper, “The Paris Business Review.”) But Bill doesn’t even need to call for action because his pitchfork brigade is ready to strike out against anyone on whom Bill has declared war. After Bill’s tirade about the atheist sign in the Washington Capitol, government staff, who should have been doing government business, were bogged down with e-mails and phone calls from O’Reilly’s happy culture warriors. When Bill was outraged about a lecture (about sex and drugs – ewww) given at a Colorado High School, staff at the school received death threats, one of which “mentions torture and murder as options a "distraught parent" might choose for punishment or revenge against him.” Did the Alexa Foundation receive this kind of thing? Who knows, we haven’t seen or heard anything specific from them, to date.

So for Bill to claim that organized protest is hurtful is disingenuous and very hypocritical because Bill O’Reilly is constantly inciting protest against those who disagree with him. In a brilliant example of “pot meet kettle,” he claims that Think Progress’s campaign to encourage his advertisers to stop their sponsorship of the “Factor” is “engaging in a well coordinated, well financed cabal attacking dissent" – as opposed to Bill’s well financed national media platform to attack anyone who dissents from his narrow, dogmatic views. Unlike those who were appalled that O’Reilly, who disparaged a young women who was brutally raped and murdered (and thus who couldn’t defend herself against the charges) would dare to call himself a rape victim’s advocate, Bill’s calls to action emanate from Bill’s paranoid, narcisstic, and sociopathic world view. If Bill were truly as concerned about rape as he claims to be, he (and his legal eagle gal-pal, Wendy Murphy) would realize that Bill’s inappropriate and insensitive remarks about Jennifer Moore caused those among the protesters, who were victims of sexual violence, to relive the violence once more. But no, rather than apologizing to those people, he (in typical Fox fashion) diverted the issue by smearing them as “far left loons.” As far as being “hurtful,” try looking in the mirror, Bill