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Bill O’Reilly’s “Culture War” Attack Machine Failed! Dr. George Tiller Acquitted - Despite Bill’s “Incontrovertible Evidence”!

Reported by Priscilla - March 28, 2009 -

Bill is now claiming, in a classic case of “projection,” that the campaign by Think Progress, to encourage his advertisers to rethink their sponsorship, is “devoted to hurting any prominent person who disagrees with liberal politics. They don’t want criticism and if you do it, they’ll get you.” Hmmm, this sounds familiar…wait a minute… isn’t that what Bill did to Vermont Judge Cashman, the Boulder High School, Washington Governor Christine Gregoire and most notably, Kansas abortion provider Dr. George Tiller. But despite O’Reilly's “pro-life” crusade against him and in a serious setback to the "culture war," Dr. Tiller was acquitted of charges that he performed 19 illegal abortions in 2003.

As I noted in my earlier thread, O’Reilly does like to be the adversary against those who disagree with him. But the worst bit of Bill O’Reilly as agent provocateur was in regard to his rabble rousing and truly reprehensible commentary about a Kansas abortion provider, Dr. George Tiller. O’Reilly claimed, on his show (11/6/06), that he had medical records which showed that Dr. Tiller was “executing babies.” Without any basis, O’Reilly claimed that Tiller and another abortion provider were breaking a law and stated “George Tiller, “will execute babies for $5,000 if the mother is depressed.” (Comment: This goes beyond just “hurting” people as it was defamation based on Bill O’Reilly conjecture. Wonder what attorney Wendy Murphy thought about that!). On November 10th, O’Reilly made this incendiary statement, “If we allow Dr. George Tiller and his acolytes to continue, we can no longer pass judgment on any behavior by anybody. What Tiller is doing is that bad.” On 12/13/07 he interviewed a woman who claimed to have been deeply traumatized by a late term abortion at Tiller’s clinic. Bill then made his crusader call, in January 06, when he urged a massive protest at Tiller’s clinic; "There should be thousands of people protesting outside Tiller’s abortion clinic in Wichita," (Comment: Isn’t this nice. Bill urging rabid anti abortion protestors to scream at women, going into and inside Tiller’s clinic, who have made a very difficult decision. But then, Bill, like his Operation Rescue pals, is all about punishing those evil women who are “killing” their babies) Operation Rescue picked this up and put out the call. (Operation Rescue, who carry O’Reilly’s articles in their newspaper, has had numerous criminal charges against them) In February, Bill sent out his stalker, Porter Barry, to stalk Tiller who immediately called 9-11. Operation Rescue reported that “O’Reilly’s staff used the Tiller Report II, produced by Operation Rescue, to learn more about the infamous late term abortionist.” (Comment: Talk about partisan journalism – using anti abortion information from a rabid anti abortion group to support a nationally televised attack on Tiller by a rabid anti abortion “journalist” on a “fair and balanced” network.”) It should be noted that because of the type of incendiary rhetoric, articulated by O’Reilly, Dr. Tiller has required police protection from homicidal “pro-lifers.”

In May of 2007, O’Reilly interviewed Kansas State Rep. Ben Hodge and went after the woman who will be our next Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius (then governor of Kansas): “I didn't see any outcry by the people of Kansas for this governor basically saying, hey Tiller you kill as many fetuses as you want for whatever reason you want. That's what the governor is saying” (No, Bill, that’s not what the governor said; but your misrepresentation probably got a lot of fellow pro-lifers “locked and loaded.”.) As noted by News Hounds, O’Reilly used “flaming” language to describe Tiller such as “killer, murder, murderer, barbarian, barabaric procedure, disgrace.” In June, O’Reilly recommended activism.” He said that “if the state of Kansas doesn't stop this man, then anybody who prevents that from happening has blood on their hands as the governor does right now, Governor Sebelius. All Americans, no matter if you're pro-choice, pro-life, whatever, should be getting in touch with Governor Sebelius' office and saying enough, because this is just a disgrace”

I’ll leave you with this vintage O’Reilly video in which he condescends and yells at a pro choice advocate, Amy Richards, who defended Tiller. Ignoring the principal of “innocent until proven guilty,” O’Reilly screamed “I don’t care what you think. We have incontrovertible evidence that this man is executing babies about to be born because the woman is depressed…if you don’t believe me, I don’t care…You are OK with Dr. Tiller executing babies about to be born because the mother says she’s depressed.” Bill claimed that the clinic had evidence that the clinic was not reporting the names of those who raped young girls getting the abortions. When Richards said that the clinic might not have the names, omniscient Bill said “we know they do.”

Comment: Tiller was acquitted – but how can that be? Does this mean the forces of “evil” are getting the upper hand? Despite all the bloviating, stalking, and baseless accusation of murder directed at “Tiller the baby killer,” by Bill O’Reilly and well financed, well coordinated anti abortion groups, Tiller was acquitted – despite the cacophony of the culture warrior in chief!