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Smears of the Clown

Reported by Ellen - March 26, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Julie

At the end of Bill O’Reilly’s Factor segment with Dick Morris on March 25th, he said, “We’ll give as good as we get.” He should have led off with that statement, since O’Reilly, in conjunction with his comrade, Dick Morris, the “purveyor of dickmorris.com . . . one of the best political websites in the country,“ saw no hypocrisy in the fact that his segment entitled Far Left Cranking Up Personal Attacks on Dissenters focused solely on smearing the so-called “smear machine” -- and specifically John Podesta, I think, except it could have been Richard Nixon or Rahm Emanuel or the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man considering how little focus there was in this entire Factor Smear segment. With video.

O’Reilly first commiserated with Morris: “You’ve gotten personally attacked yourself by the Smear Machine.” He noted ominously that Morris knows a lot about John Podesta (who is President of the Center for American Progress, former Clinton chief of staff, and co-chairman of President Obama’s transition team). Okay, yeah, Morris also worked in the Clinton Administration. O’Reilly pointed out that the Nixon Administration had an attack team working out of the White House, as did the Clinton Administration.

Conveniently leaving out his role in any of it, Morris referred to the Clinton attack team as the “secret police.”

O’Reilly responded that “two presidents that we know of with attack teams working out of Pennsylvania Avenue. But now . . . they can work off a website and the White House doesn’t have to be involved.” O’Reilly quickly stated that he’s not making accusations against President Obama, but, he said indignantly, “Podesta has access to Obama.”

Oh, my. You mean the co-chairman of President Obama’s transition team has access to President Obama? What IS the Obama Administration thinking?

Morris stated that what we’re seeing is an attack team that developed during the Clinton Administration as a response to the impeachment, Paula Jones and other scandals. Morris said that the “attack team” was an opposition that developed in the last 3-4 years.

O’Reilly, evidently determined to keep the Podesta Smear Machine rolling, interjected, “When Podesta was there as chief of staff.”

Morris disagreed, saying it pre-dated that, but went on to say that Podesta’s job was covering for Hillary in the Travelgate scandal. Morris said that Podesta asserted that Hillary was just a bystander who observed the dismantling of the travel office and, although the special prosecutor found that she caused the firings, didn’t indict Hillary because he couldn’t prove she knew that she caused the firings. (Ah, yes, in law, unlike Fox News, PROOF of wrongdoing is a useful tool.)

According to Morris, when the Lewinski scandal broke, Podesta went to Bill Richardson (“Who,” Morris smeared, “now is under FBI investigation for something else”) and asked him to hire Lewinski; Morris went on to claim that a “lot of people” interpreted the job offer as “hush money.” According to Morris, Podesta was the go-between, the “attack dog” and now he’s leading the attack.

Morris complained, “The whole idea is to do to you and everybody else what they did to Ken Starr which is besmirch you as individuals, undermine your credibility so that you’re not a credible source of information.” Ah, yes, poor, maligned right-wing victim Ken Starr -- he of the endless, expensive and failed investigations of the Clintons into the Whitewater land deal and Vince Foster’s suicide, and who is more recently the Dean of Pepperdine University and, big shocker here, lead pro-Proposition 8 attorney. (Despite this poor victim Starr’s 3-year investigation, Foster’s death was deemed a suicide, and, after six years of investigation, and a cost of $50 million, Starr’s Whitewater witch hunt was closed, caput, over, failed.)

O‘Reilly, puffed up with self-importance, said, “Right, marginalize you . . . I’m a big threat to them.” And he continued, “It’s not just me. If you go to this Think Progress website . . . Anybody who disagrees with Barack Obama in the public eye gets smeared and slimed.” Try to keep up with the Smearing Bullet Train, ‘cause I‘m almost lost already. “The more powerful you are the more they come after you. They’ll go after your sponsors, they’ll go at your house, they’ll go after your family.” Okay, I very much wish I could effect the Jon Stewart blank I-Don’t-Believe-I’m-Hearing-This look in print, ‘cause, gosh, I really haven’t heard of anyone (except the Anti-ACORN tea partiers) going after people at their houses. And gee, wasn’t O’Reilly’s producer Waters just following Think Progress' Amanda Terkel around on vacation? Hmmm. O‘Reilly concluded, “This is not what America is supposed to be.”

I’ll be damned, we finally agree on something.

Morris opined that, “In the last analysis . . . I think they’re largely impotent.”

O‘Reilly grew distraught: “Alone they are but you’re not making the link to NBC/General Electric . . . alone they’re insects. But they have a relationship with N . . . the National Broadcasting Corporation. That now elevates their power . . . gives them access to millions of Americans who don’t know what’s going on.” Oh, we know what’s going on, mark my words. Though forgetting momentarily that the smear was supposed to be about Podesta, and not NBC, O’Reilly careened back to the Podesta Smear, saying that the Clinton Administration used the White House and the power of the presidency, and Podesta was right in the center of that.

Hastily saying, “I don’t see that happening now with Obama . . . ,“ Morris interrupted, “He might do it but this is not yet a plumber’s operation.” Oh, I get it, a reference to . . . Watergate? “Until they actually control the White House they don’t have that much power unless we give them an opening,” opined Morris. (Jon Stewart Blank Stare here.)

“This smear merchant character assassin John Podesta can pick up the phone today and who can he get on the phone?” O'Reilly asked.

“Obama,” Morris dutifully replied.

O’Reilly went on to say that “all of Obama’s men” know exactly what he’s doing. (Tell US! Tell US! I don’t know what he’s doing!) All of Obama’s men - oh, right, All The President’s Men, another Watergate reference. So what, is he now accusing Podesta of running around office buildings with a flashlight?

“Have you heard a critical word from anybody on the left against John Podesta and his tactics? Have you heard one?” O‘Reilly demanded.

“No,” replied dutiful Morris. Morris pointed out that Rahm Emanuel is another link, because Emanuel was in touch with Carville, who on the outside was orchestrating a lot of the attacks, particularly through Larry Flint. I gotta say, I got pretty lost as to which attacks they were talking about this time (though I‘m certain it‘s some left-wing smear against right-wing victims), and I’m not sure they knew.

“But I’m not going any further than the facts take me,” O’Reilly pontificated. What he told the audience, what they just discussed, he said, is “100% factual, no conjecture . . . it’s a huge story, nobody has put the pieces together but us.” O‘Reilly continued gravely, “They don’t want the scent, they don’t want criticism, and if you do it they’ll get you. Not America.”

Morris completed his fawning with, “You talk on the air for hours every day and you make one misstep out of hundreds of days and they’re all over you.”

O’Reilly replied, “We’ll give as good as we get.”

So . . . Somehow it’s about the Clintons and Nixon and secret police and attacks by the smear machine result in “them” going after your house, your sponsors, your first-born male child, your new bike . . . but they’re largely impotent because “they” don’t have control of the White House unless it’s NBC who’s giving “them” elevated power and Podesta and Larry Flint are involved in some Watergate scandal and John Podesta calls Obama to, what, give him a flashlight, but nobody criticizes these left-wing zealots because of James Carville and it’s a huge story but nobody else will report it except Fox because “they’ll” get you.

Glad we straightened that out.

If the embedded video doesn't work, here's a link.