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Bill O'Reilly's “Far-Left Desperation”

Reported by Ellen - March 26, 2009 -

Bill O'Reilly titled his 3/25 Talking Points Memo “Far-Left Desperation” but one can't help but think he's the one who's desperate. He's the one who sent his producer to stalk and ambush a young blogger from Center for American Progress (rather than conduct an interview with her like a grownup), he's the one who baselessly accused her of being part of some cabal with NBC; and now O'Reilly's evil cabal stretches from the White House on one end to the rest of the “far left” on the other. O'Reilly has yet to provide any evidence for his conspiracy theories, probably because there is none. With video.

Probably, O'Reilly's latest salvo in his NBC/CAP war is due to Think Progress' (CAP's blog) just-launched campaign against the O'Reilly Harassment Machine, started in response to the ambushing of CAP's Amanda Terkel after she picked up a News Hounds post questioning O'Reilly's suitability as a speaker at a rape-victims fundraiser.

O'Reilly added another new unsubstantiated allegation last night, that the reason some “committed-left newspapers are failing” is because they're “in the tank” for President Barack Obama. Just like NBC, according to O'Reilly.

Conveniently overlooking the kinds of attacks on liberals that can be seen regularly on FOX News, O'Reilly indignantly carped that NBC president Jeff Zucker “allows these attacks on a daily basis, forever branding his network as a place of cheap and dishonest discourse.”

Unlike the “honest” discourse of ambushing a young blogger and peppering her with hostile questions when you just as easily could have contacted her the aboveboard, adult way – by telephone or email – for discussion, eh?

From there, O'Reilly launched into more attacks on Think Progress, this time going after CAP's head, John Podesta, whom O'Reilly described as “also driving the hate industry.”

Putting on his MSNBC-is-part-of-a-cabal-with-Think-Progress tin foil hat (but hey, Bill, you left us out!), O'Reilly said, “Here is where the story takes a very serious turn. Podesta's website is devoted to hurting any prominent person who disagrees with liberal politics and that includes critics of President Obama. And Podestas mainstream media is, of course, NBC News. That's the outlet Podesta uses.”

If that's proof of a cabal then what does it say about FOX News and its coziness with Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Karl Rove and Ann Coulter, to name a few? Don't hold your breath for an answer from O'Reilly or FNC's resident “media critic,” Bernard Goldberg, who will surely weigh in on the cabal any day now.

O'Reilly again repeated his unsubstantiated accusation that Terkel had harmed a rape victim and then complained that she “showed up almost immediately on NBC News.” Yeah, so? How long did it take Joe the Plumber to show up on FOX? How about FOX News pimping two-time voter fraud suspect Ann Coulter's latest book?

“NBC says it has no connection to Miss Terkel... Sure.” O'Reilly said dismissively but still not providing a scintilla of evidence that it does. It's worth noting that O'Reilly was promulgating the NBC/Terkel “connection” one night before she went on MSNBC's Countdown.

“Why should you care about any of this?” O'Reilly asked his viewers. “Because it's your country. A well-coordinated, well-financed cabal attacking dissent (no, Bill, what's being attacked are your underhanded, dishonest ways – and your inappropriate remarks about sex-crime victims)... Bottom line, the far left wants to silence and damage its opposition... Those people will do just about anything to achieve their goals.”

O'Reilly's concern for civil discourse and polite disagreement has been completely undercut by his actions to the contrary. O'Reilly has a history of ambushing people and he has a history of maliciously going after those with whom he considers his opposition. Anyone remember Ward Churchill?

If the embedded video below doesn't work, you can use this link instead.