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“Traditionalist” Bill O’Reilly’s “Patriotic” “Juggies”

Reported by Priscilla - March 25, 2009 -

Remember Jimmy Kimmel’s “Man Show” which featured large breasted women called “Juggies.” “Traditionalist,” Christian, “culture warrior” and loofah affecionado, Bill O’Reilly’s “Pinheads and Patriots” segment (March 23rd) was a page straight of the “Man Show” which is not surprising as Bill does present himself as a man’s man who lives in a world where the daddy is the breadwinner while mommy stays home “watching the kids.” (Life is one “Leave It To Beaver” episode in Bill O’Reillyland). So Bill knows that “traditional” men have their “traditional” man needs and he’s more than willing to provide them with a little titillation which I’m sure he also enjoys.

On the same evening that Bill O’Reilly presented himself as a champion of victim’s rights, he presented his “patriot” designation to a group of bodacious and very well endowed babes in red, white, and blue American flag motif bikinis. While he introduced the segment, about a group called the “Patriot Girls,” there was a photo of the women, dressed in their patriotic best, behind him. The caption read “patriots.” Bill described their mission as raising money for the military including the Wounded Warrior Project, and Operation Troop Appreciation and “groups like that.” We couldn’t see O’Reilly; but while he spoke, the screen was filled with video of four of “the girls” posing frontally, followed by “the money shot” of two young ladies one of whom presented her breasts to the camera while the other presented her derriere. The last video was a close-up of three wet lovelies cavorting in front of a waterfall with the caption “Patriot Girls.” Bill said that their pitch is “beach friendly, if you know what I mean (Comment: No, Bill, I really don’t) and we believe they are patriots.” A closing shot of Bill’s babes, in front of the waterfall, was shown. Bill then bestowed his “pinhead” award on Tom Hanks who was filmed “flipping the bird” to somebody.

Comment: As they state on their website (which I suspect Bill has perused thoroughly) the “Patriot Girls” raise money for the troops and provide “care packages” which contain calendars featuring bikini and thong clad models. (One wonders if female troops get calendars with shots of beefy, stud muffin male models and I don’t mean Fox male anchors, if you know what I mean!) Color me cynical when I say that I suspect that Bill’s “patriot” award was just an excuse to show some gratuitous soft core material – and during the “family hour” no less! And we know that he admires the female breast so much that he wanted to use his “loofah mit” to massage the “spectacular” breasts of Andrea Mackris – a comment, among others, that resulted in “Papa Bear’s” payment of a big chunk of change in order to make the sexual harassment suit go away. And it’s not just O’Reilly, it’s Neil Cavuto and Victoria’s Secret Models and Fox&Friends Hooters Girls. While Fox presents itself as the “family values” network fighting an ongoing culture war against those “secular progressives” who seek to undermine the foundation of “traditionalist” America, it has no problem with Playboy material. Something for everyone, I guess – America’s Newsroom and a man show all rolled into one. But the beautiful and smart Taylor Marsh says it best in her article “O’Reilly and Fox Sell Sex.”

“Mr. O'Reilly hails himself as a "culture warrior." He rails against indecency and that our kids are being harmed by the culture. Then what does he do? Shows ad nauseam clips of Paris Hilton soft core advertising and other smut to get people's attention. Can you say hypocrisy? He's looking out for you? Only if you're a man in a bathrobe with nothing else to do but watch Fox and hope for another primetime smut show.”

And regarding Tom Hanks and the middle finger – that’s what O’Reilly, with his offensive, dishonest, and egomaniacal commentary, figuratively does to his audience on a nightly basis. So, who is really the “pinhead here?”