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Bill O’Reilly Promotes Patriarchy And Warns About Gay Marriage

Reported by Priscilla - March 24, 2009 -

Bill O’Reilly and his two blond, conservative “culture warriors” (“fair and balanced?”), on last night’s “Factor,” discussed issues that are near and dear to the heart of the Big Daddy conservative movement, gay marriage and unwed mothers – issues which, according to the Christian conservatives, do threaten our beloved patriarchal American way of life – a way of life that “Papa Bear” mourns the demise of. It’s a heterosexual man’s world and the commander in chief of the “culture war” demonstrated, on last night’s (March 23rd) "Factor", his commitment to the cause.

Bill, Margaret Hoover, and Monica Crowley took on the topic of US Representative Barney Frank’s comment, in an interview with a gay news website in which Frank discussed gay marriage, that SCOTUS Judge Antonin Scalia was a homophobe. There was a moment of high irony in the graphic behind Bill – a photo of Frank and Scalia over the caption, “name calling.” (Memo to Bill: Pinheads, liberal loons, etc – sound familiar). Bill pronounced Scalia’s first name as “Antoine.” (Question: was O’Reilly concerned about Ann Coulter’s suggestion (joke?) that liberal SCOTUS Judge Stevens should be killed?) O’Reilly said he “was not getting the name calling thing.” Crowley said that Frank’s “singling out of Scalia” was “personalizing” the issue rather than letting the Defense of Marriage Act go through the legal process. Hoover must have wanted to please Big Daddy because she echoed an O’Reilly and Fox meme: “I believe that this is a very typical response of the far left to personalize and demonize those who don’t agree with you.” (ROFL, Oh the Irony!) She went on “it’s so typical of the left and Barney Frank and the left.” She claimed to be sympathetic towards gay marriage issues; but comments like this diminish the argument. More irony when Crowley said that Frank “deflects and distracts.” O’Reilly actually seemed reasonable when he said that “this is an argument about whether the government can be heterosexual marriage in a special place, or not.” But he took a hard right turn into looney tune land. He turned to the camera and said, “remember, ladies and gentlemen, if gay marriage is OK then you’re going to have all marriages OK. You can’t say gay can marry; but triads can’t, or polygamous can’t, or marrying your cousin. Under equal protection, it’s everybody can do whatever they want. You can’t say we’re just going to get one group in.” These arguments, used by the anti-gay marriage crowd, deserved a full “fair and balanced” discussion which doesn’t happen when the point of the argument is propaganda.

The other half of the show was truly gag worthy. O’Reilly cited a new study which shows that 40% of women who gave birth, in 2007, were not married. He did a little sit down dance when he said that the rate was much lower in 1957 when Elvis Presley was “going like this.” The ladies giggled and Hoover, in imitation of Daddy, “did a little Elvis.” Bill said that she needed to “loosen up her shoulders” and Hoover got even funkier before she said that she “feared” the US was going the way of Europe where, in France, more babies were born out of wedlock than in. Crowley said that single parenthood has lost it’s stigma and cited Hollywood stars who have children sans marriage. She also said that women are postponing marriage and if they don’t find the right partner, they think it’s OK “to go it alone.” O’Reilly agreed that there is no stigma and made the legitimate point that single parenthood “drives poverty.” (He didn’t mention that part of the problem is when daddies don’t pay their child support) He asserted that “if you don’t have a father, you’re going to be poor.” I give Hoover some big points for saying, regarding this comment, that it was “sexist” because both parents are equally important. Bill would have none of that and condescendingly said, “it’s sexist because I told the truth, if you don’t have a father providing income when the mother is giving birth and when you give birth, you may someday know this." (I would have walked off the set at that point). He then loudly joked (?) “you can’t go out and work the next day and you should be watching the kid, anyway so there’s somebody else who is giving you money beside the government.” The ladies giggled. Hoover said that she’s in favor of dual income households, but the dad isn’t always the bread winner. (Not in Bill’s macho world).When Bill ended with “you’re crazy, the father, the man has the wherewithal to support during the time of birth,” Margaret agreed.

Comment: Bill lives in a heterosexual man’s world which revolves around him - a world in which he is king of the hill and master of his domain (?!). As a culture warrior he is a feudal lord; as a moralizing "tradtionalist," he is (or so he thinks) America's Big Daddy!

Update: Scalia's past legal commentary could support Frank's description of Scalia as a homophobe.