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"Professional" Laura Ingraham Tells Her Guest: Da Da Da Da Da Da Da I can’t hear you

Reported by Ellen - March 22, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Julie

I never thought I’d see the day that I missed Bill O’Reilly -- but I gotta admit, after a week of Laura Ingraham filling in for him on The O’Reilly Factor, he’ll be a sight for sore eyes. I mentioned in a recent post that the Foxettes are becoming unhinged, and I stand by my assessment. I failed to mention something else they’re increasingly flaunting, en masse: Idiocy. With video.

On the March 19th O’Reilly Factor broadcast, laughing with feigned incredulity, Ingraham led off with the fact that workplace raids targeting illegals on the job are being suspended until further review. It is horrifying, of course, that President Obama wants to review the immigration policies currently in place and find ways to humanely cure the problem of undocumented workers. And of course, no Foxette worth her salt would pass up an opportunity to take a swipe at Nancy Pelosi, who, in a recent speech to documented and undocumented immigrants, said that the policies of midnight raids are un-American and must be stopped. Ingraham was also horror-stricken that Janet Napolitano, who is a big supporter of “so-called comprehensive immigration reform,“ plans to focus on criminal illegals and employers who hire undocumented workers. “So is this the sort of change that we can believe in?” queried Ingraham.

Caroline Murray, immigration activist, was Ingraham‘s soft-spoken guest. Ingraham followed the Fox News playbook, leading with a conclusion which we all knew she would spend the rest of the interview trying to sustain - using every tactic available, including sarcasm, snide comments, the wringing of hands, wiping of brow, bullying and cutting the mike.

According to Ingraham, who cited an investigation by FOX, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) is “paralyzed with fear” of conducting workplace raids and enforcing the immigration laws, because they fear they will be fired for doing their jobs. (Of course, professional to the core, she had many facts to back this up, including names of immigration people, etc. . . . No? it‘s okay, Laur, pesky facts are overrated.)

Responding to Ingraham‘s claim, and clearly somewhat skeptical of Ingraham’s unsubstantiated assertion, Murray said, “It seems to me that we have a problem with our borders. There’s a lot of violence going on in the borders of Mexico and people need real help. Workplace raids might make good TV but it certainly isn’t good policy.” Murray went on to applaud the Obama Administration for acting boldly and wisely with regard to immigration, and praised the President for following through on his recent statements regarding immigration reform.

Ingraham: “So, right, so acting boldly is not enforcing current immigration laws that are on the books?”

Although calm, Murray got a bit testy and asked, “Well what do you suggest they do, Laura? There’s 12 million people who are here as part of our failed immigration policy. There’s no way for people to cross our borders legally and become citizens . . . .”

Of course, Ingraham interrupted her to say, “ . . . that’s an old red herring [I looked it up -- it means a diversion used to distract from the main issue] Caroline . . . The old canard [I looked that up, too -- it means a lie] about we can’t deport 12 million illegals, that is such an old line. That’s older than the tactics that we’re seeing in Washington today with the feigned indignation about AIG.” What Ingraham doesn’t get is that yes, we COULD deport 12 million people, but rational, knowledgeable and compassionate individuals who have a little bit more experience in these things debate the efficacy of that path. And the other part (remember how I mentioned idiocy above) is that it’s no “red herring;” the issue of whether or not to deport 12 million undocumented immigrants IS THE POINT! Ingraham, like the good little Foxette that she is, and always true to the Fox News “oh I hate illegals” talking point, stated that workplace raids go to the heart of the problem, and employers willfully hire illegal aliens or look the other way or didn’t bother to do the check that “a measure like E-Verify makes so easy.” Ingraham then asked Murray, “So you would then be in favor of E-Verify, would you not?” Laura, honey, she just said that she is in favor of comprehensive immigration reform, not some computer check that’s often inaccurate.

Sticking to her points like glue, Murray replied, “We need to have a way for all workers to be legal in this country. And that’s what comprehensive immigration reform will do.”

“So you’re not in favor of E-Verify.” The beginning of desperation set in. (Incidentally, E-Verify relies on an error-ridden database that includes 17.8 million discrepancies, over 12 million of which pertain to native-born U.S. citizens. Expanding the program means that U.S. citizens would have to ask the government for permission to work and rely on a government database for speed and accuracy. Up to 3 million workers a year would have to navigate a bureaucratic maze to fix their records.

Murray dismissed this outright, saying, “Well, first of all, everybody knows the E-Verify program is completely flawed.”

Ingraham, dismissive and smug, rammed home whatever obscure point she was trying to make: “Okay, so it’s flawed and you’re not in favor of it.” (Yes, Laura, we get it that Fox News is not concerned with flawed, but many of us are.)

Explaining how easy it is for E-Verify to go wrong, Murray said, “As long as there is one group of workers who can be preyed upon . . . “

“Preyed upon!” Ingraham said, her voice dripping with disapproval.

“ . . . by unscrupulous employers then it’s going to drag down wages for everyone.” (Studies have shown that comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to legal status for undocumented immigrants already in the United States would eliminate the pool of exploitable, underground workers whom unscrupulous employers use to undercut wages and working conditions for all workers.)

Okay, pay attention from about 2:40 in the video (which counts down backwards), because there‘s nothing we like better than seeing a Foxette reduced to drama and 5-year-old tantrums when they can’t get their uncooperative guests to follow predetermined Fox talking points and conclusions.

Murray explained patiently that employers are choosing to hire undocumented workers so they don’t have to pay them. Although Ingraham attempted to cut her off, Murray kept talking.

Waving her hand like a queen, Ingraham set her steely gaze and said, “Talking over me doesn’t make your points any more persuasive.” Ingraham bulled on to say that E-Verify allows employers to put the social security numbers in there and “Presto, maybe there’ll be a couple of mistakes made here and there which could be quickly corrected.” Hold up. So, playing by Fox rules, it’s perfectly all right to make “a couple mistakes” when it comes to the lives of undocumented immigrants; by another set of Fox rules, it’s not okay for ACORN to make ANY mistakes when hiring low wage workers to register voters -- mistakes made by a miniscule 0.001% of ACORN’s total work force. (See Megyn Kelly meltdown here.)

Murray challenged, “A couple of mistakes. “It’s actually far more than a couple mistakes . . .”

Okay, folks, here we go, total Foxette professionalism: Ingraham replied, “Da da da da da da da I can’t hear you.”

Murray laughed. Obviously unruffled, she asked, “Would you like me to respond?”

Ingraham went into total da-da nonsense, which Foxettes tend to do when backed into a corner, claiming that immigration activists such as Murray don’t want any enforcement on the books.

Responding somewhat heatedly that the failed policies of the Bush Administration led to this entire crisis, Murray told Ingraham, “The economic crisis is tied to the crisis in immigration.”

Ingraham, laughing in a condescending, let’s-humor-the-crazy-person way, dramatically laid her face on her hand, cutting Murray off to speak more pearls of wisdom: “The economic crisis is an immigration problem. Are you kidding me?”

No, genius, she’s really not kidding; not only do undocumented workers cause wages to drop, lead to workplace injuries (yeah, I know you don’t care about that) and create predatory employers, undocumented workers also contribute to the economic success of border states which rely on Mexican shoppers. Murray told Ingraham, “They’re linked, obviously . . .Wages are dropping and employers are preying on people who have no rights on the books.”

Ingraham replied, “They’re linked. Illegal immigrants are a total drag on the economy, yeah, you’re right, we actually agree on that.“ Huh?

Ingraham kept hammering Murray to name one enforcement policy she is in favor of, and Murray kept talking. “If we provide legalization for 12 billion people (Ingraham waved her hands as if to make her go away) we will increase our tax revenues by $60 billion dollars.” Ignoring Ingraham’s enraged butterfly routine, and refusing to play into Ingraham’s game of Name the Law On The Books You’re In Favor Of, Murray continued to calmly state that we need “comprehensive immigration reform” so people can become legal and cross the borders legally. “We need to secure our borders humanely and we need to enforce wage and hour laws and standards on the jobs.”

Beating her nonsense drum, Ingraham repeated, “Why have a border? Why have a border?”

Murray replied that the only one talking about open borders was Ingraham. “We have borders, we have passports, we have citizenship,” Murray said.

Asked what “enforcement mechanisms” Murray favors, Murray stated once again, for the cheap seats, “We all know the immigration law is completely broken, there’s a backlog for people to become citizens.”

Ingraham, professional to the end, dismissed everything Murray said and summed it up with, “Your answer to the problem is legalize everybody. Okay, we clarified that, I appreciate it.”

Murray's mike was cut.