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Greta Doesn't Get It

Reported by Ellen - March 20, 2009 -

Here's the good news: Greta Van Susteren admitted (albeit in a blog post, not on the air) that, as we criticized her for not revealing, her husband is an advisor to Sarah Palin. Van Susteren says her husband was never paid for his help. OK, Fine. But here's the bad news: Van Susteren doesn't seem to understand why it still matters.

Van Susteren wrote:

"Yes, he has given Governor Palin advice and helped her. He met her through me when I interviewed her….I did not meet her through him. I have gotten interviews with her not through him but through our staff on OTR. It is that simple.

Yes, it has some people all obsessed and spreading rumors — it is no doubt the enemies of the people who got so upset when my husband has helped Speaker Pelosi and Secretary Clinton and spread the opposite rumors. Some people get so bent out of shape by what they imagine. Go figure."

She seems to be suggesting that because her husband has also helped Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi as well as other women (as Van Susteren says later), she's off the hook for her Palin coverage. But I have never seen the kind of extensive, fawning coverage of Clinton, much less Pelosi, as Van Susteren "treats" her viewers to on a near nightly basis with Palin. Secondly, two, or maybe three, wrongs don't make a right. If you've got an outside relationship with, and/or your husband has a stake in positive media treatment about someone you're profiling, it should be disclosed, period.

Let's hope that will happen going forward.