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Megyn Kelly Challenges Britney Spears To A Cat Fight

Reported by Ellen - March 19, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Julie

So, okay, I have to admit I missed Megyn Kelly’s big Fox News Obscenity Police Show (a/k/a Kelly’s Court) last January, blasting Britney Spears for the “f**k message in her song If You Seek Amy. And after watching Kelly on the March 17th America’s Newsroom acting like she and Spears were Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer because Spears, in turn, supposedly mocked Kelly in her If You Seek Amy music video, I have to admit that I had a very strong reaction: Who gives a If You Seek A about any of this? And why is it that the Foxettes seem to most frequently bare their claws for attractive, outspoken females -- over nothing? (Check out the claw-baring against Meghan McCain.). With video.

For those just tuning in, in January, Kelly slammed Spears on her “Kelly’s Court” broadcast for the obscene message in If You Seek Amy. They’re actually very creative lyrics, like them or not. Playing a clip of the song with the words “If You Seek Amy“ bleeped out, Kelly intoned in her I‘m-A-Sexy-Schoolmarm voice, “If you say it quickly with no space between the letters it basically spells out the F-word, and then me.” (Don’t try this at home, boys and girls -- I did this about ten times and had to watch the whole video to see what she meant. Watch it here. Kelly was outraged in a way only a Foxette could get outraged, you know, sort of like an enraged butterfly.

So, next up Brittney. At the beginning and end of her music video of If You Seek Amy, a blonde anchor mocks Kelly, repeating part of her broadcast word for word.

The beginning and end of a stupid little spat, right? I mean, Megyn Kelly is kind of older, and she’s a lawyer and all. No such luck.

On her Tuesday show, Kelly, obviously excited to have caught the attention of such an important pop star, chortled and cackled with self-importance about Spears’ video making fun of her. (Not something I would personally want broadcast all over the airwaves, but that’s just me.) The OMG moment was when Kelly held her hands up in claws and did the catty meow, telling Spears to “bring it.”

Did she really say “bring it?“ It’s amazing that someone like Kelly, who obviously would like to be taken seriously as either a lawyer or a journalist, would waste time with this. Does she now only want to be taken seriously as an empty blonde bimbo shell? Has being a Foxette on Fox News left her so bereft of self-respect that she thinks it makes sense to challenge Spears, literally, to a catfight? Claws bared and all? All I can say is, good luck with that being taken seriously part.

Incidentally, there’s no shortage of obscenity on the airwaves, and if you Google “You Tube subliminal messages” you get all sorts of stuff.

Why Spears? Why didn’t Kelly go after Three 6 Mafia - I Stay Fly (first, Three 6 supposedly means Satan, and rumor has it that if you play the song in reverse it mentions the devil). That would have been perfect for the Christian Right Network. And how about the song “Laffy Taffy” by D4L? It isn’t about candy - in fact, it is rumored that song is about the female genitalia. The song “Milkshake” isn’t an ode to Baskin Robbins. And, of course (more in her age range), the Beatles White Album was supposedly subliminal all over the place.

So what’s up with the Foxettes? First, Laura Ingraham and Andrea Tantaros cattily attack Meghan McCain. Then Ingraham attacks McCain again in an e-mail. Now, Kelly’s doing battle as the obscenity police over a pop star whose main selling point is her sexuality. The Foxettes are clearly unhinged these days, and I’m suspecting it’s Michelle Obama’s smoothly muscled arms that’s stirring up the big green monster. Stay tuned for more . . . Maybe Greta van Susteren will challenge Lil’ Kim to a rap battle.