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Hannity Aids And Abets Fiction About McCain's Role In AIG Bailout

Reported by Ellen - March 18, 2009 -

As Media Matters has reported, Senator John McCain was against the AIG bailout before he was for it and then against it again. But on last night's (3/17/09) Hannity, Sean Hannity ignored that history as he introduced McCain as, “a man who has been against the AIG bailout since the very beginning.” This came moments after Hannity's unfair, unbalanced assessment of Sen. Chris Dodd's role. With video.

Media Matters has detailed how McCain has previously indicated support for the bailout including, saying, "There were literally millions of people whose retirement, whose investments, whose insurance were at risk here, and they were gonna have their lives destroyed because of the greed and excess and corruption.”

But last night, McCain disingenuously told Hannity, “If we hadn't bailed them out, then they would have gone bankrupt and all of this stuff would have been the subject of the courts and reorganization. Instead, we poured a hundred and how many billion dollars into this failing institution and now we have everybody scrambling around.”

Of course, Hannity also ignored, until later in the show, the Bush administration's role in the AIG bailouts.

Hannity also must have forgotten, despite his dig at Dodd for accepting AIG funds, that AIG CEO Edward Liddy maxed out his donations to McCain.