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Bill O’Reilly Distorts (Lies?) About Meghan McCain’s Comment And Smears Rap Music

Reported by Priscilla - March 17, 2009 -

The beginning of last night’s “culture war” segment (March 16th) provided some rich irony in Bill O’Reilly’s response to a recent survey in which half of the teenagers questioned thought that Rhianna was responsible for getting beaten up. He said “that’s outrageous.” Lest we forget, America’s Daddy once said that Jennifer Moore (“that” as he referred to her after her brutal rape/murder) was a moron, whose style of dress brought on her demise and that Shawn Hornbeck, who was raped during his kidnapping, “liked” his circumstances. Noteworthy is that O’Reilly has never apologized for either comment. After his “outrage” over the Rhianna survey, Bill moved on to say that Meghan McCain has laid (couldn’t quite understand the word) into Ann Coulter for being “too rigid.” Uh, scuse me, Bill, Ms. McCain said that Coulter was “offensive, radical, insulting, and confusing.” Nowhere in the Daily Beast article, does McCain reference rigidity.

Bill said that McCain’s comment “drew the ire of our pal Laura Ingraham” and played the audio in which Ingraham mocked McCain’s weight. After the clip of McCain’s “kiss my fat ass comment,” Bill went “wooo” and introduced his culture warriors, Margaret Hoover and Tammy Bruce. Bill “joked”, in a rather condescending tone, “Awwwwwww, can’t you ladies get along.” (Memo to Bill: Why do you still simmer when you mention Al Franken?!) Conservative Margaret Hoover said it was a “catty moment” and “not the best moment for women.” Bill claimed that he really “didn’t get what the fight was about.” (Memo to Bill: it’s not complicated. McCain gored one of the republican right’s favorite asses and fellow female, Laura Ingraham, rushed out to distract from the real issue of Coulter’s being an embarrassment to conservatives. It’s very Fox.) When Hoover said that conservatives shouldn’t be going after “people in our own tent,” Bill alleged that “it was Miss McCain who fired the first shot.” Hoover continued that what ensued showed intolerance among Republicans of those who dissent. Conservative Tammy Bruce opined that McCain, now that the campaign is over, is not getting the attention that she once did and reflected that she (Tammy Bruce), as a pro-choice feminist, “knows what it’s like to be shunned in a certain way.” Bill showed his ignorance of Tammy Bruce’s positions when he said that “I have to make just one correction, you said that your were a pro choice feminist, I believe you’re a pro-life feminist.” Bill was corrected by Bruce who strongly stated her pro choice, abortion rights stand. (Wonder if she’ll be invited back to the Factor?) Bruce redeemed her conservative creds when she said that McCain has to make a decision as to whether she wants to be a "useful idiot for the left so that she can be invited to parties" or "maybe she’ll be the next host of the View."

When the conversation turned to the Rhianna survey, O’Reilly blamed hip-hop rap music. (Question to Bill: Who or what caused you to be sued for sexual harassment?) Bill didn’t want to hear Hoover’s comment that domestic violence predates rap.And then another moment of irony happened when Bill said that “kids who don’t know what happened blaming the victim.” (Yeah Bill, blaming the victim – sound familiar?) O’Reilly listed rap musicians whom he claimed promote violence towards women and make it so that kids think it’s acceptable. Hoover agreed. Bruce said that this is a “failure of the liberal feminist agenda.”Both Hoover and Bruce agreed that more education about and discussion of domestic violence needs to happened – a serious moment to which Bill “joked” that as part of the Woodstock Generation “we never justified any of that.”

Comment: WTF??? Is the conservative culture commando now identifying himself with a very liberal time of history? Is Bill now saying that sex and drugs and rock and roll are OK? But "we never justified that?!” Look in the mirror, Bill.


While Bill blames hip music for domestic violence, there does seem to be a problem in the fundamentalist community as discussed in this article: "Biblical Battered Wife Syndrome: Christian Women and Domestic Violence"
By Kathryn Joyce, Religion Dispatches. Posted February 2, 2009.


Think this would ever be discussed on "The Factor?"