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Meow! Meghan McCain Goes Rogue and the Foxettes’ Claws Come Out

Reported by Ellen - March 16, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Julie

Leading the merry catty-pack, Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham took a shot on her radio show at Meghan McCain Thursday (3/12/09), mocking her in a valley girl voice and calling her “plus size.” The same day, Fox News contributor Andrea Tantaros took her own shots at Ms. McCain in a Fox News Forum blog. Claws were unsheathed from the beginning, as Ms. Tantaros led off with, “Looks like a life devoid of romance has taken a toll on Meghan McCain.” She wrote, inaccurately, that “last week she was complaining she couldn’t get a date,” (actually, McCain said nothing of the sort). Tantaros then ripped into McCain for calling Obama “the hippest politician around” (oh, she’s sorry, Andrea – she meant BESIDES Mitch McConnell) and having the audacity to denounce Ann Coulter’s dirty ways and state that Coulter helps “perpetuate negative stereotypes” about Republican women. Defending Ann Coulter, Tantaros writes, “If she were a man — and a liberal — she’d be revered.” (I kind of know now what one blogger meant when she said, about Tantaros, that hers are the “aimless wanderings of a fretful mind.”)

“Remind me again what Meghan McCain has done (besides being born to her finger-in-the-wind, fair weather Republican father)?” writes Tantaros. (And remind me again what Tantaros has done besides make a career as a political hack where she wasn’t exactly on the financial fast track, before being drafted for hate-mongering?) And, I might remind Tantaros that she was FOR John McCain before she was AGAINST him, saying on Studio B with Trace Gallagher in February 2008, “I think John McCain is just fine. He's the perfect president, he'll be the perfect presidential candidate for the times we are facing right now. We don't need a wimp in the White House.” And excuse me, but wasn’t it Fox News whose Republican guests decried family-bashing during and after the campaign (remember the Palins)? Aren’t these the same Fox right-wing talking heads who are now incensed that the media is talking about Bristol Palin’s non-marriage to her baby daddy (because, as we all know, family is supposed to be off limits)? So, Ingraham, Tantaros, sheath your claws and remind me again -- what’s your beef with Meghan McCain?

Tantaros went on to write, “This makes me think McCain’s rant is not only misguided and poorly thought out, but also highly personal.” Highly personal, yes . . . what was it you said in this post about glass “Straight Talk Express” buses? Apparently the main problem Tantaros has with McCain is that she thinks President Obama is “hip.” Sounding more than a little green with envy, Tantaros wrote, “a party and politician standing on principle . . . is more attractive than any vapid cult-of-personality candidate who gets shout-outs at the MTV awards.” Tantaros wrote on (again with the fretful, wandering mind): “Just ask the markets how hip he is.” Oh, right, those would be the same markets that began tanking in May 2008, months before President Obama was elected?

I can only surmise from this unprovoked attack that Tantaros takes issue with Meghan McCain’s independent opinions (reviled on Fox News and in the Republican Party ) and the fact that she isn’t in lockstep with the “we all go down together” right-wing agenda.

Tantaros wrote, “Here’s the problem with the McCain family: they are more concerned with being popular than they are about being right. Pun intended.” Oh Andrea, you are so clever. Well, I’m still “hip” to the Democratic rule: "Never interrupt your opponent when they are being Andrea Tantaros."