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FOX & Friends: El Savadoran Election Means CNN Could Stand For The "Communist News Network"

Reported by Ellen - March 16, 2009 -

As Raw Story reports, FOX & Friends host Steve Doocy "wondered" this morning whether the election of liberal ex-CNN employee Mauricio Funes president of El Savador, meant "he is just on a leave of absence from CNN, which, given his political inklings, CNN could stand for the Communist News Network." During the discussion, a banner read, "Ex-CNN journalist, Marxist now president." Raw Story also pointed out that one pundit was so eager to label Funes a communist, they declared his party "allegedly" has ties to "Caesar Chavez." Oops, that's Hugo Chavez, of Venezuela, not Caesar, the Mexican-American labor activist. So if a liberal former employee makes CNN a communist network, what does current employee Karl Rove, still a Republican operative, make FOX News?