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Bill O’Reilly Uses Bristol Palin’s Breakup To Smear Liberal Blogs

Reported by Priscilla - March 16, 2009 -

Bristol Palin and her boyfriend have broken up. No big whoop. Lots of relationships don’t work out and teen relationships, which include a baby, can be stressful. Unlike many unmarried teen moms, Bristol Palin has a loving and supportive family. If she didn't, good Christian Bill wouldn't want his tax money spent assisting her. (Let her beg on the streets). According to Bill O’Reilly, Bristol’s pregnancy was a personal matter. That would seem to indicate that her break up is also personal; but that didn’t stop America’s Daddy and Greta Van Susteren from using the unfortunate “personal” situation to bash liberals.

On Friday’s (March 13th) Factor, O’Reilly began the discussion by reading some snarky comments, about Palin, on unnamed blogs. Bill alleged (lied) that it’s being led by the “incredibly vicious MSNBC.” Of course, Bill won’t admit that there have been some nasty things said on his blog (here and here). When confronted with his hypocrisy O’Reilly claimed that it was the work of liberals who were trying to sabotage him. Regarding the Palin comment, he said (lied) that these are “disturbed individuals” (Hey Bill – “takes one to know one.” Eh?) who were being “egged on” by MSNBC and Air America. Of course when Bill was “egging on” the Operation Rescue thugs in the Dr. Tiller case, that was different. Greta validated Bill when she said that it’s not just liberal bloggers; but “people in the news” who, when discussing this with her, are “gushing with glee” that this has happened. Being a sensitive and caring guy, O’Reilly asked why Greta doesn't ask these unnamed “professional journalists why they are delighting in the misery of others.” Greta responded that she doesn’t because it’s pathetic and that she’s dismissive of others. Bill, being a caring guy, then brought up John Edward’s affair and said that although he covered it, he didn’t “dwell on it.” He then described himself when he said that the left “is vicious, has no class whatsoever, will do anything to harm people with whom they disagree.”

Comment: Isn’t it rich - Bill O’Reilly talking about reveling in the misfortunes (while not identifying these so called smearers other than “liberal blogs”) of others. Certainly Bill would never indulge in that. Oh, wait a minute, didn’t he take a little “Schadenfreude” in the firing of the editor (who was rehired almost immediately) of Newsday. Let’s see if Bill can contain himself over the news that one of his arch nemeses, the Seattle Post Intelligencer, is closing. And how bout Bill’s glee when it looked like Air America was going bankrupt!? And regarding Bristol Palin, Bill is just so sympathetic and non judgmental. But then Bristol Palin is the daughter of a conservative, Christian, Republican politician unlike teen mom Jamie Lynn Spears whom Bill referred to as a “pinhead” after which he claimed that he never condemned those who gave birth out of wedlock. But let’s talk vicious. How bout a nationally syndicated talk show host who told the nation that Jennifer Moore (or “that” as he described her) was a drunken “moron” who was just asking to be picked up by her rapist/murderer? Or how bout saying that a young man, who was repeatedly raped during the time he was kidnapped, enjoyed “certain aspects of his captivity?” You want to see vicious? Look in the mirror, Bill O’Reilly .