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Hannity Disses The Girl Scouts

Reported by Ellen - March 14, 2009 -

On last night's (3/13/09) "Hannity's America" segment of the Hannity show, Sean Hannity said, “An 8 year-old Girl Scout is in trouble with the Girl Scouts of America. Why? For selling too many cookies.” Actually, the reason is because she was selling cookies online, a violation of Girl Scouts policy, as Hannity later sort of clarified. Congratulating the Girl Scout in question for having “a little bit more business savvy” than the higher ups, Hannity added at the end of his report, “I think I'm going to buy cookies from her online. She deserves it. She earned it.” “Fair and balanced” FOX News didn't bother to explain why Girl Scouts forbids selling cookies online (because of safety concerns about the girls, because the activities are designed to be face-to-face and because they want to ensure that all sellers are actual Girl Scouts). But since Hannity thinks online selling is a good thing, the hell with the Girl Scouts! Oh, and Sean? It's Girl Scouts of the USA, not Girl Scouts of America. Video after the jump.

The Girl Scout discussion starts at about 1:17 before the end.