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Bill O’Reilly “Bears False Witness” In Discussion Of Religion – Bless Me Father For I Have Sinned!!!

Reported by Priscilla - March 11, 2009 -

Bill O’Reilly is a Roman Catholic. According to the Roman Catholic Catechism, “the eighth commandment forbids misrepresenting the truth in our relations with others.” Now Bill O’Reilly does *this all the time; but after a good confession and a few Hail Mary’s he’s good to go for more bearing of false witness – known in the modern vernacular as smearing. In a recent “culture warriors” segment, O’Reilly joined his bodacious blonde Boudicca’s, Margaret Hoover and Monica Crowley for a “fair and balanced” (just kidding, both of his wingwomen are conservatives) discussion on the results of a recent poll that shows that America is losing its religion. This could imply that Christian culture warrior Sir Loofahlot’s entreaties about saving Christianity from the hordes of secular progressive barbarians at the gate are falling on fewer ears. Oh, no…..!!!!

*Please see partial list of lies. I don't think that includes Bill's claim about saving Christmas in Great Barrington, Massachusetts but you can find that here. Bill's lie about birth control pills not addressing medical conditions can be found here. Bill's bogus claim that children of same sex parents are at risk can be found here.

Bill began by summarizing the results of the Trinity College Study (Hartford, CT) which showed that fewer Americans are identifying themselves as Christians as well as a decline in membership for many American religious denominations. (See USA Today for some neat interactive color graphs) The graphic behind Bill was titled “shunning religion” and showed a crucifix which is a Roman Catholic symbol. (Comment: In the style of his 50’s Catholic education, is Bill trying to lay a guilt trip on his Catholic viewers?) O’Reilly’s voice got louder when he reported that Vermont ranked as the least religious state. Always the narcissist, Bill then claimed that “we have had our problems with Vermont, as you know.” (Yeah, Bill, I know and I really don’t care. I suspect that Vermont isn't too fond of you, either) Bill did defend the study when Margaret Hoover said that she was “suspicious” of it because other surveys say that at least 90% of Americans claim that they believe in God. (Of course the Newsweek Poll that she alluded to was in 2007; but details, details). She then claimed that one of the authors is involved in a group that studies the secularization of the U.S. and that shows a little bit of the “secular progressive agenda.” (Ah, little Margaret has learned well from her traditionalist Sensei). When Crowley reflected that this secularization is taking place in the younger generation, Bill said, “It’s cool to be a non believer.” (Hey Bill, as a “believer,” what do you think about sexual harassment?) Crowley, who started off rationally, soon lurched into the standard right wing (O’Reilly) talking points about Hollywood types like Madonna, Brittney Spears, Lindsay Lohan dabbling in Kabbala and "that sends a signal.” Bill got some points for saying, as a Roman Catholic, that the pedophilia scandal damaged the church although he could have mentioned that the Catholic Church’s positions on sex/sexuality and reproductive rights have taken a toll as well as “mixed marriages” in which the children are not brought up Catholic. Bill, who obviously believes that people are incapable of making forming their own opinions, (his audience!) said that he believes that “that the media and the secular culture that we have glorified have taken a toll.” When Hoover said that there are still large numbers of people who identify with religiosity and spirituality, Bill got agitated and claimed that if he said those words in Catholic school, “hey Sister, what about religiosity, bang"! A good laugh was had by all. (Bettcha Bill was the little slimeball who ratted out everyone and got lots of props and no “bangs” from “Sister.”)

Bill brought it all back to Bill and started to violate the eighth Commandment when he loudly proclaimed that “you know we had our problems with Vermont because they’re very permissive in Vermont and want the child molesters to have wind chimes (WTF?)…they don’t want to be too tough on them.” (Do ya think that Bill would be willing to debate the – say – Vermont Attorney General on that one?) He said “34% of Vermont” (those in Vermont who say that they are not religiously affiliated) “I’m not going to take a cheap shot at Vermont.” (Hey Bill, you just did!) He added that Vermont is a pretty state and that “if I’m Satan, I know where I’m going skiing.” His “angels” had a good laugh about that. When Crowley said that Vermont is a “magnet” for seculars, Bill said that the big Catholic presence in Massachusetts offsets that. Guess Bill doesn’t know that the “big” offset is 39% which dropped from 54 in 1990. The Devil is in the details and what Bill also didn’t add was the percentage of those, nationally, who identify with no religion has doubled. Red Wyoming has 28% identifying with “no” religion.

Comment: If Bill O’Reilly is a role model for “traditionalist” religion, the words of the R.E.M. song come to mind:

“That's me in the corner
That's me in the spotlight, I'm
Losing my religion”