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The Glenn Beck Hypocrisy: War Room v. Glenn Beck’s book, The Real America

Reported by Ellen - March 10, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Julie

Many people have reported about Glenn Beck’s War Room, including Ellen here at Newshounds. For those not tuned in, on February 23rd, Beck -- along with guests Gerald Celente, Founder of Trends Research Institute and Stephen Moore of the Wall Street Journal, among others -- rolled out the War Room, in which he, with their help, hypothetically envisioned the year 2014, the dark end result of bank bailouts, nationalization of banks, big government spending, blah blah blah. A true gloom and doom scenario, devoid of hope, devoid of anything positive, and, consistent with the Republican agenda, reeking of fear-mongering. What struck me most, though, was the blatant hypocrisy of Beck’s War Room, compared with what he wrote in his book, The Real America: Messages from the Heart and Heartland.

When The Real America (and make no mistake, I am not plugging this book) came out, in 2003, George W. Bush and the Republicans were in power. In the book, Beck offered a host of forward-looking and positive ideologies about America and the Presidency -- apparently only reserved for a REPUBLICAN presidency. Among them:

“ . . . our biggest secret . . . Isn’t a secret at all . . . It can only be passed on from person to person, torch to torch. It is our spirit.” (P. 228)

“Americans always see a better tomorrow.” (P. 151)

“. . . hold out for hope, because you’ll never know what surprising and miraculous things are right around the corner. There is always hope.” (P. 153)

To Hollywood: “ . . . What you have to understand is that if you find yourself in the minority opinion, it’s not because of some vast, right-wing or left-wing conspiracy. It’s because you’re out of step with what everybody else thinks.” (P. 84)

“We must deed in an irrevocable trust, hope, faith, goodwill and common decency. I believe those on the ‘anybody but Bush’ side made great strides toward canceling that trust over the last few years.” (P. 244)

“ . . . ‘anybody but Bush.’ That’s not vision, that’s desperation.” (P. 248)

About Michael Moore: “You gave him the very credibility you’re going to need to destroy in the near future.” (P. 250)

And the capper . . . “What lessons should Democrats take away from their defeat? When it comes to the White House, you can’t win on hate, Hollywood or image [his emphasis]. . . While campaigns are designed to highlight differences, it falls to presidents to bring us together by highlighting what we all have in common: Hope.” (P. 261)

Memo to Beck: THE MAJORITY of Americans are trying to see a better tomorrow, and we’re allowing our President to “bring us together by highlighting what we all have in common: Hope.“ We know “there is always hope“, but your War Room tactics of a future devoid of hope are attempting to undermine that very thing, just so you can pursue your political agenda (a failed effort, because President Obama‘s approval rating is still at least 60%). The anti-Obama rhetoric your side is engaging in is “not vision, that’s desperation.” Hoisting Rush Limbaugh on a pedestal is giving him “the very credibility you’re going to need to destroy in the near future.” What lessons should Republicans take away from their defeat? “When it comes to the White House, you can’t win on hate . . . .” Our President is looking forward to the “better tomorrow” you speak of, while you and your ilk spend all your time trying to “win on hate.”