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Sean Hannity Pimps Lawsuit Brought By Religious Right

Reported by Priscilla - March 9, 2009 -

In a spectacular example of the kind of short, right wing propaganda bites so beloved in the Fox News “Grapevine,” Sean Hannity presented yet another example of “unfair and unbalanced” reporting which was also a shout out to Christian conservatives. On Hannity’s America (March 6th), he got his pitchfork bearing audience ready to rumble when he proclaimed that the phrases “God bless the USA” and “In God we trust” were banned at a Tennessee elementary school. I wasn’t surprised when he then said that the (uber Christian right wing) Alliance Defense Fund had taken the case of yet another group of Christians who love that martyrdom. (And I thought that conservatives never play the victim card).

Hannity reported that students at the Lakeview Elementary School, in Tennessee, used the phrases on student posters which advertised a “voluntary prayer event held outside of class time.” According to Sean the school administrators “actually covered up” the phrases on the final edition of the posters. Hannity added that “In God we trust” is our national motto; but did not say that it didn’t become the national motto until an act of Congress made it so in 1956. And then Hannity said, in a spectacular display of partisanship, that the Alliance Defense Fund had filed a lawsuit and "WE WANT TO WISH THEM THE BEST OF LUCK AS THEY PROCEED". (Comment: would Hannity wish the ACLU the “best of luck” on anything?)

Comment: If Hannity were an actual journalist instead of a (as Alec Baldwin expressed it) "a political pornographer,” he might have done an actual “fair and balanced” report which would have included the fact that the school was successfully sued by the ACLU in 2006 when a federal judge ruled that it had illegally promoted religion when a group of “praying parents” met at the school and handed out notes to students saying that they had been prayed for. The school board was liable for $171,000 in legal fees to the plaintiff. The new suit is being filed by parents with ties to the “praying parents.” The local school director hasn’t commented on the case – but Sean Hannity sure has! And in so doing, he’s just repeating the claim that God has been censored which is all the rage in the right wing pitchfork brigade (led by World Net Daily). Beyond the biased propaganda, there is the question of whether a TV commentator should be endorsing a particular point of view. “Fair and balanced,” my derriere!

Wonder if Hannity will comment on the newest survey which says that the US is losing their religion? (Great video by R.E. M.)