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Cavuto Joins The "Blame Obama" Chorus

Reported by Ellen - March 9, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Dan

As Brian has previously posted, Fox News is busy trying to blame the stock market downturn on President Obama. Neil Cavuto, Fox Business' Managing Editor, Anchor, and Lord High Everything Else, is not to be left behind.

In his FOX Business column last week, Cavuto wrote:

"A horrible month.

Plain and simple, February was a horrible month.

The first full month under this new President.

Bad news hardly the fault of this new President.

But troubling that nothing he does improves fortunes "for" this new President."

Did I miss something? Are the Obama approval numbers down significantly? Not that I could find.

"Here's the deal:

He's the new guy in town.

And most of these 651,000 layoffs were likely in the works before he came to town.

Nevertheless, they happened when he was President.

Executed by employers seemingly not dissuaded to junk these workers, despite the promised relief from this President.

He can't be blamed for that.

He can share blame in this:

He's not building confidence."

So Cavuto is blaming the President for not ending the recession in a couple of months? That people are waiting to see the stimulus money before spending it?

"And all the while, Washington just looks off.

Off its rocker.

Pushing the same fiscal drugs, the same spending uppers.

Only the drugs ain't working. And the spending ain't getting us up."

Aside from the pseudo-folksy language (see Susan Jacoby's book "The Age of Unreason") there are two misstatements. First, the Bush Administration pushed TARP the Troubled Assets Relief Program, to help financial institutions, as opposed to a wide-spread spending plan, opposed I might add, by every Republican in the House of Representatives. Second the Republican Plan (in so far as there can be said to have a plan as opposed to a number of vague objections to the Obama plan) is based on significant tax cuts for the wealthy. A policy tried in 2001.

"He can be blamed for providing little reason to think they'll end anytime soon"

So President Obama is to be faulted for not solving the economic problems within two months. Regrettably economic policy and the economy does not fit easily into a one-hour TV format. You don't get quick solutions. Neil Cavuto should know better. Or is this merely the new talking point?