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Bill O’Reilly and Bernard Goldberg Name The Five Worst Liberals in the Wooooorld!

Reported by Ellen - March 9, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Julie

On tonight’s O’Reilly Factor (3/9), O’Reilly’s guest was his old stand-by, Bernard Goldberg (author of A Slobbering Love Affair), on to discuss the 5 worst liberal groups in, I guess, the wooooorld. Bill, quit copy-catting Keith Olbermann’s “Worst Person in the World” award. Updated with video.

Paving the way with liberal-bashing Talking Points, O’Reilly ranted about the “far left smear machine” (complete with "far-left smear chart") that “propelled” the Limbaugh-Obama controversy to the attention of the public. He cited the conservative-slayers, including George Soros of moveon.org and “guttersnipe” David Brock of Media Matters, as two of the main guys behind the “smear machine.“ O’Reilly intoned that “a backlash is in the air” and “Americans are wising up to the smear factor.” The smear factor . . . Hmm, yes, I think you’re right, we are wising up -- which explains why the Republicans’ approval rating is 26%, Limbaugh’s favorability rating is at 28% (last month he was said to be less popular than Reverend Jeremiah Wright), and President Obama’s approval rating is still upwards of 60%.

Guffawing that this must be Bernard Goldberg’s greatest assignment, with “payback unlimited,” O’Reilly rolled out the red carpet for Goldberg’s Top 5 of the worst liberal offenders, or, as I like to call them, the “thorns in the right-wing sides” (in order, least offensive to the wooooooorst).

The #5 thorn was the “Hollywood Glitzocracy” or “Ditzocracy” - oh, you clever fellas -- and the worst of the worst offender was not Sean Penn, not Susan Sarandon, not Tim Robbins . . . No, they think actress Janeane Garofalo is the worst celebrity lib, because she believes that the “dumb and mean find a nice home in the GOP.”

#4 thorn was none other than PBS journalist Bill Moyers, with bona fides a mile long. Goldberg criticized Moyers for being one of the “elite wing” of the liberal elite media and “posing as a journalist.” (Fox News is proof positive that it’s not necessary to be a member of the liberal elite media to “pose” as journalists.)

#3 “thorn in the side” was the Daily Kos, run by Founder and Publisher Markos Moulitsas. (Moulitsas must be a REALLY prickly thorn in O‘Reilly‘s side. Last May, O’Reilly referred to Moulitsas as “one of the most despicable Americans in the country."). The Daily Kos was “very significant” because they were “rabidly anti-conservative.” Goldberg referred to them incredulously as a “right-wing wrecking crew.” “Can’t get a more hateful website than that,” O’Reilly pontificated. Ah, but I can think of a more hateful talk show than that.

The #2 thorny spot belonged to the “influential” New York Times. Goldberg’s main beef with the NY Times was that they not only think conservatives are wrong, they also think they’re “morally inferior“. Imagine that. “That’s why they’re going out of business,” O’Reilly said smugly. When asked if Goldberg thought the NY Times would go out of business, Goldberg replied, “One can only hope.”

And #1 . . . Biggest thorn in the side . . . Burr under the saddle . . . The woooooorst liberal group according to Goldberg is MSNBC! (Interestingly, though O’Reilly is fond of talking about how he slaughters MSNBC in ratings, which should, one would think, keep him securely above the fray, the feud between O’Reilly and MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann goes back years). At MSNBC, Goldberg cried indignantly, the “villains” are not even on the air - it’s the executives, making business decisions. (Uh, right, Rupert Murdoch anyone?) Their worst criticism of MSNBC? That they “allow defamation of conservatives with whom they have a beef.”

“Ditzocracy,” “payback unlimited,” “rabidly anti-conservative,” “hateful website,” “villains” -- it’s a crying shame that Fox, er, MSNBC allows defamation of liberals, I mean conservatives, with whom they have a beef.