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O'Reilly's Latest "No Spin Poll" Assumes Obama Is A Socialist

Reported by Ellen - March 8, 2009 -

Check out the latest "No Spin Poll" on the Bill O'Reilly page of FOXNews.com. It "asks" whether President Barack Obama will transform the country into a socialist nation. The three choices are, "The folks won't let him," "There's no stopping him," and "He already has." At this point, the results are more or less tied which is no surprise given that they all say, essentially, the same erroneous thing: that Obama is a socialist trying to foist his will on the country. As icing on the "fair and balanced" cake, next to the poll is the "line of the night:" "Everyday it seems the financial markets are sending a message to Barack Obama: We don't trust you." Screen grab after the jump.

My American Heritage Dictionary (4th ed.) defines socialism as, "a social system in which the means of producing and distributing goods are owned collectively and political power is exercised by the whole community." Last I checked, nobody in government was advocating taking over the means of production and distribution of goods. I always thought our democratic republic was all about putting power in the hands of the whole community. But maybe that's too radical for O'Reilly and FOX.

(H/T reader Brian F. for the heads up)