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Olbermann Slams O’Reilly Three Days In A Row Over Scheduled Speech To Rape Victim Support Group

Reported by Alex - March 5, 2009 -

On last night’s Countdown Keith Olbermann slammed Bill O’Reilly for the third time over the hypocrisy of his upcoming speech to the It Happened to Alexa Foundation scheduled for March 19th. This time Olbermann highlighted the online petition by the ad hoc group Concerned Citizens Against Sexual Violence, which asks the foundation to replace O'Reilly with another speaker. He also read out the apparently stock reply that the Foundation has been sending people who contact them by email - that O’Reilly is “speaking about his new book, not about rape victims”. As Olbermann pointed out, that doesn’t make a lot of sense. with video

“So now it’s not a ‘blame-the-victim’ person addressing a group of ‘support-the-victim’ people” he said. “Now it’s a blame-the-victim’ person trying to sell a product to a group of ‘support-the-victim’ people.
As I pointed out yesterday, the It Happened to Alexa Foundation is beginning to do itself damage by burying their collective heads in the sand over this issue. Queries to their office are met, as far as we know, with either the stock reply quoted above; no reply at all, as commenters here and on the Facebook group promoting the petition have have experienced; or unreturned phone calls, as Keith Olbermann mentioned on Tuesday when he awarded Billo the gold for Worst Person.

Seems like the Alexa Foundation need a course in Public Relations 101. Lesson 1: Be polite. Lesson 2: Don’t sully your brand by associating it with a disreputable celebrity. We already know that Bill O’Reilly is all about himself, no matter how hard he tries to pretend otherwise. It’s a shame to think that the It Happened To Alexa Foundation, created by the parents and friends of a rape survivor to carry out a noble and necessary mission, might end up looking just as bad.

Most likely most of the board had no idea what they were getting into when the idea of inviting O'Reilly to speak was first broached, and they are probably feeling a bit overwhelmed at this point. O'Reilly should do the right thing and withdraw NOW, sparing them the discomfort of having to ask him, and leaving them time to find a replacement speaker. It might also help to rehabilitate his image on this whole issue, though an apology for his past outrageous statements wouldn't go amiss either.

Below: Billo gets the Bronze for Worst Person, March 4th, 2009


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