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It Happened to Alexa, Support Group For Rape Victims, Stands Over O'Reilly Invite

Reported by Alex - March 4, 2009 -

On MSNBC's Countdown last night (3/3/09) Keith Olbermann once again highlighted the fact that alleged sexual harasser, victim-blamer and all-around sexist Bill O'Reilly is to appear as the keynote speaker at a Florida luncheon to be held by the NY-based rape survivors support group, It Happened to Alexa Foundation. More disturbing is the fact that the Foundation are standing over their decision to invite him. (If this bothers you, you can go here to sign a petition organized by Concerned Citizens Against Sexual Violence.)
With video

"The Bronze to Billo - he is still planning to speak at a fundraiser this month for the It Happened to Alexa Foundation. This a a group doing the best possible good works supporting rape victims, especially during trials. Nearly three years ago O'Reilly called a murdered rape victim "moronic" and suggested that the way she was dressed, she was "asking for it" - he of course never apologized. Today comes word from the group's executive director Ellen Augello who told us, quote, 'Bill O'Reilly is still speaking at the fundraiser. We are aware aware of his comments. We don't have any comment about it. I don't feel as if it would be productive.' [end quote] How productive is it to have a man who blames rape victims speak to a group supporting rape victims?"

Good question, Keith. Up until now we have all assumed that the Foundation were unaware of O'Reilly's past comments (see video) and history of sexual harassment, but their statement suggests otherwise. Why, then, have they invited him?

It may be a case of "who you know". Sitting on the advisory board of the Foundation is one Wendy Murphy, who has frequently appeared on the Factor and appears to be somewhat of a buddy of O'Reilly's (O'Reilly wrote the foreword to Murphy's book And Justice for Some, and snide comments have been made about her "sleeping on a cot in his office"). Murphy is O'Reilly's partner-in-crime when it comes to blaming those eeevul liberals for the ills of the world, claiming, for instance, that the ACLU "don't want any laws on the books...that make it a crime for a child to be abused by an adult" and that the "liberal media" often neglect to cover criminal cases involving sexual predators because " classic liberal left ideology is anti-state, anti-prosecution. It's always bad to lock somebody up. Punishment is bad." (Following that there is a huge sucking noise as she tells Bildo, "And you really are the only one in the media stepping up to the plate." Ewwwww.)

Whatever the reason the IHTAF have decided to stand over their decision, it can only harm their public image and support if the comments on a petition by Concerned Citizens Against Sexual Violence asking the foundation to replace O'Reilly as guest speaker are anything to go by. A sample:

- How can you possibly think it is ok to be associated with a disgusting pig like Bill O'Reilly? Bill O'Reilly has repeatedly harassed women, blamed rape and child abuse victims, and has called rape victims 'moronic'. And yet you think he is the right choice for your organization???? I am afraid you will not have any support from me or the people in my circle.

- As a rape survivor, I am absolutely APPALLED at the It Happened to Alexa Foundation's choice to have Bill O'Reilly speak at their fundraiser on March 19th. What on Earth could they possibly be thinking? It's all about the $$$$ and for them to pretend otherwise is absolutely vile.

- If you invite him to speak at your fundraiser, you are diminishing your organization and the women you represent and defend. You owe it to those women to make sure that a man like this has nothing to do with your organization. Thank you.

- As a survivor myself, I find the thought of Bill O'Reilly speaking to other survivors and their supporters repugnant. As a survivor, I am very sensitive to things such as blaming the victim and sexual harassment. O'Reilly is not a good choice to speak to this foundation, and my interest in their cause would be adversely affected by his appearance.

- As a rape survivor I am disgusted with this choice of speaker. Not only is the group aware of OReilly's comments, they have issued a statement saying they do not feel it would be "productive" to comment on them, and they are keeping him as their speaker. SHAME ON THEM. They need to turn in their badges as a rape victim suppport group and go work for OReilly.


Rape survivors who are willing to share their stories, as some of these commenters did, deserve a gold medal for courage. However,if their comments are anything to go by, the board of the It Happened to Alexa Foundation could soon be taking home gold as Olbermann's Worst Person In The World.

Below: O'Reilly blames Jennifer Moore for her own rape and murder, 2006.
(Apologies for the poor quality of the video, which is beyond our control.)

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