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Hannity Accuses Harry Reid Of Wanting American Troops To Die

Reported by Ellen - March 4, 2009 -

If ever there was an example of Sean Hannity's hypocritical double standard, last night's (3/3/09) panel discussion, in which he raged against "personal attacks" by liberals in one breath and then accused Harry Reid of wanting American troops to die in the next, could be it. Unfortunately, neither of the liberal guests called him on it. With video.

Hannity began the discussion on his Hanctimonious high horse feeling oh so sensitive to the tender feelings of Rush Limbaugh.

"You know what I'm sick of?" Hannity asked in his bullyboy voice. "I'm sick of liberals – David Letterman, who, by the way, looks like he hasn't had a meal in probably three months and hasn't looked in the mirror in two years, or perhaps 5 – attacking Rush Limbaugh on his looks. He looks emaciated, looks like he needs to eat.”

Apparently, in Hannity's mind, it's OK to attack Letterman on HIS looks, though.

Hannity then played a video of Letterman saying that Limbaugh looks like a European gangster. “You know, he's got the black jacket on, the black silk shirt and it's unbuttoned like, 'Oh, yeah.' When you think Rush Limbaugh, you think, Ooh, let's see a little flesh.”

Unlike Hannity's attack, Letterman's was funny and sharp.

“Why the personal attacks? Typical of liberals,” Hannity said, oblivious not only to his own jabs at Letterman but also conveniently overlooking his own long history of personal slurs that include calling Tim Geithner “Turbo Tax Tim Geithner” and the especially vicious use of the song, “You're Once, Twice, Three Times A Liar” to smear Abner Louima, a black man who accused New York City police of sodomizing him, by suggesting he was both a liar and a homosexual.

Panelist Tagg Romney (Mitt's son) displayed the same malicious vapidness of his father. “I think people were, people were expecting Obama to come in and save the world. And it hasn't happened. And Rush is pointing out the obvious to a lot of people, that Obama's pushing this radical agenda and people are upset by it.”

Except for not pushing back on Hannity's later outrageousness, panelists Cathy Areu, of the Washington Post Magazine, and Seth Davis (Lanny's son) were great. Areu asked, "Are you saying that Rush can dish it out but he can't take it?" She cited Limbaugh's mean-spirited imitation of Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's Disease symptoms. She added, “Come on!”

Davis said, “Is this the guy who invented the word 'feminazi?' Is this the guy who played the song 'Barack The Magic Negro'” Sarcastically, Davis added, “Are we concerned about Rush's feelings? We don't want to hurt his feelings! He's a big boy. He can take it.”

Hannity agreed, albeit sulkily, that Limbaugh could take it. But Hannity went on to play a series of clips of liberals attacking President Bush. “Did this get the kind of press that Rush got for saying he wants socialism to fail?”

Davis could barely keep a straight face. “I don't think Rush Limbaugh is a great example of somebody who upholds civility in politics. I mean, I think you could find a better example of someone who's been unfairly picked on.”

Hannity's bullyboy pique was rising. He demanded to know if there wasn't a double standard and, counting off on his fingers, complained about Harry Reid saying that the surge was a failure and that the Iraq war had been lost. “Did he want Bush to win the war?” Hannity browbeat.

“Of course he wanted Bush to win the war!" Davis said. "He didn't think that Bush WAS winning the war... You think Harry Reid wants American servicemen and women to die and be wounded and lose limbs?”

"Yes! Yes!" Hannity exclaimed.

Romney (did he ever join the military or is he now “serving his country” by calling Obama a socialist?) chimed in with a little more malice. "There's no question that the Democrats are rooting against Bush for whatever reason. They wanted him to fail at every turn... and by the way, what Barack Obama is doing is frightening and America needs to wake up... Everyone thought he was going to be a centrist. His proposals and his policies are as radical as they get. And people need to wake up and realize that we're in some real trouble.”

Another example of wanting our president to succeed, no doubt.