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Bill O’Reilly Takes Well Deserved Worst Person Award

Reported by Priscilla - March 3, 2009 -

On last night’s (March 2nd) Keith Olbermann’s Countdown, Fox’s Bill O’Reilly got the gold in the “Worst Person” award. Olbermann pointed out the absolute hypocrisy of O’Reilly’s upcoming (March 19th) speaking engagement for the It Happened To Alexa Foundation which is a group that provides support services for rape victims. Keith cited O’Reilly’s past remarks, regarding the victim of a brutal rape/murder, in which he essentially blamed the victim – a mindset that, for many years, re-victimized the accuser in a “traditionalist” culture and legal system which provided the basis for Bill O’Reilly’s outrageous remark made on his radio show. Olbermann also referenced O’Reilly’s comment regarding how Shawn Hornbeck, who was repeatedly raped after his kidnapping, enjoyed his captivity. To this day, Mr. O’Reilly, who claims that he is “looking out for us,” remains unrepentant. Sadly, despite progress being made on behalf of rape victims, there are still those among us who continue to NOT GET IT. Somehow they don’t understand that rape is a crime of violence and domination that has nothing to do with “provocative” clothing or where a woman happens to be. That they don’t understand how Bill’s insensitive statements, made on national media, are an insult to both the victims and their families is astounding. I’ve included some after the fold. Anyway, on behalf of sexual assault victims everywhere, I say thank you Keith Olbermann.

From the Olbermann Watch Blog:

By johnny dollar on March 3, 2009 1:15 AM
I have prosecuted child abusers, rapists...as I liked to say: "Rape, robbery, murder...I've tried 'em all." And I also know very well what rape prevention centers and programs tell women. There isn't one that I know of that would recommend that a woman go walking by herself under the influence in provocative dress at 2:00 am in a remote sparsely populated area. That's just painting a target on yourself....

***So, it’s OK to call her a moron, without knowing the details of the case. I guess on that basis it’s OK when hookers get raped. A good prosecutor would defend the victim against the kinds of things that O’Reilly was saying. A good prosecutor would never agree that the victim “painted a target” on herself.

By cee on March 3, 2009 6:09 AM

…in O'Reilly's world the crime would have a much less chance of happening…There is nothing about blame in his stand. It is about practical responses to an environment. I saw the movie CHANGLING. In it, the mother did something very common in the 1920's. She left her 9 yo son home alone while she worked...

****The murder rape victim was 18 years old – a legal adult. I guess “cee” doesn’t know that rape happens to all woman, of all ages, at any given time. And I guess “cee” doesn’t know that in O’Reilly’s world (the pre “secular progressive” era) rapes occurred. I guess “cee” doesn’t know that in O’Reilly’s world, media bloviators sexually harass their producers.

By Cecelia on March 3, 2009 10:24 AM
So the notion that it isn't smart for a woman to be outside walking around drunk at 2am, is now the equivalent of "blaming the victim" …

****Yes it is blaming the victim who is then revictimized by Bill O'Reilly who goes on national media and talks about what a “moron” this girl is. How do you think her parents felt about that, Cecelia? I guess this woman "deserved" it. Nice, really, really nice.

Wow - Looks like Bill and his fans are still living in the "good old days" when those seductively dressed gals were just "asking for it." Wow

Comment: In addition to the above comments, O'Reilly's views on women's issues are insulting and misinformed (here and here). The fine folks at the It Happened To Alexa Foundation do themselves a disservice if they allow this man to speak at their event. As Olbermann said, "if O'Reilly had a soul, he would have had the decency to not expose this group to his hypocrisy." Obviously, it's their choice - but one that is insulting to victims of sexual violence and women - whom Bill O'Reilly is clearly not "looking out for."

***Update - See this excellent article regarding this matter:

MARCH 2, 2009 11:45PM
Bill O'Reilly and the Faces of Rape


A More Satirical Approach

Kind hearts and loofahs
By: TBogg Monday March 2, 2009 12:10 am


O'Reilly to Speak at Fundraising Event for Rape Victims

Posted by Amanda Terkel, Think Progress at 6:38 AM on March 2, 2009.

You'd think he'd show more concern for victims on his show