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Fox News Continues Its War On Janeane Garofalo

Reported by Priscilla - March 1, 2009 -

The right wing guys don’t like Janeane Garofalo. Fox News doesn’t seem too fond of her either, despite the fact that she is in the Murdoch Production, “24.” While these dudes are stimulated by the “comedic” (and homicidal) stylings of Ann Coulter, they get their nice, white panties in a bunch when Garofalo gores any of their sacred cows. In a recent (February 28th) “Red Eye” (the seamy underside of daytime “family values” Fox News), Greg Gutfeld, host of late night Fox “comedy” Red Eye, referred to Garofalo and Keith Olbermann as “creepy weirdos.” Excuse me? This coming from the same guy who said this, about Barack Obama, in a Fox News article: “Seriously, the man isn't a presidential candidate, he's a really hot chick. You know what I mean, right? You know how when a friend starts dating some girl, let's say a stripper with top of the line implants, he overlooks everything else. She could be spreading Chlamydia like a Jehovah's Witness unloading a case of Watchtower pamphlets, and it won't matter.” Talk about a creepy weirdo!

Gutfeld’s “humor” is that of the average pubescent junior high school male. But he is part of the Fox right wing propaganda machine; and as such he provides a platform for right wing memes on his show (and I use the term loosely as it makes local access shows look like Emmy winners). He was concerned about a discussion between Garofalo and Olbmerann regarding the recent findings that Rush Limbaugh isn’t popular with women – ya think! He showed the video of the conversation in which Garofalo states that the type of women who like Rush are like those who fall in love with prisoners. After Gutfeld commented on Garofalo’s “hopelessly dated tatoos” he continued the video with Garofalo committing the mortal sin of accusing Daryn Kagan (who dated Rush – ewwwwww) and Michael Steele of having Stockholm Syndrome, a phenomenon whereby the oppressor identifies with the oppressed. Gutfeld asked Patty Ann Browne if this comment was racist. Not suprisingly, Browne said that Garafalo and Olbermann were “mentally ill” if they thought that a black person couldn’t, intellectually, make a decision. Browne said that Garofalo was “jealous” because her radio show went nowhere.” (Comment: uh, Patty Ann, she’s on a hit Fox series and you’re not). When Gutfeld asked Alison Rosen if, in saying that women can’t be conservative, Garofalo wants people to be as “unhappy as her,” Rosen got all “hip” and sisterizing in saying (bleeped) “bullshit, man, she’s no good for the sisterhood.” (Comment: What “sisterhood” is Rosen referring to – the sisterhood of the travelling we love patriarchy pants?) Rosen said that “Rush Limbaugh might be hot, I bet he smells like salami.” (Comment: huh? Limbaugh/salami? ewwwww) But right on, Rosen, you sure are one awesome “sister.” (Comment: We “sisters” don’t like being called “feminazi’s.” It’s a form of verbal beating so if you like being abused, maybe you have the sydrome.) Gutfeld asked why liberals always have to use Hitler references in describing those on the right. (Like when Rick Santorum compared Senate Democrats to Hitler?) “Kayla” (from Sirius Radio) doesn’t like how liberals can characterize republicans anyway they want to (Comment: as opposed to what Fox News does about “liberals” on a daily basis?) Gutfeld ended the segment with a comment about how Olbermann never has conservative guests with whom he disagrees. I guess Gutfeld is asleep during the Fox&Friends segments which feature a right wing professor who pushes his right wing agenda with no counterpoint.

Comment: While I do think it’s unwise to imply that African Americans are “self loathing” if they become conservative, I do find it odd that they would identify with a group that does not seem to have a connection with the African American community. Those white right wingers who claim that whites are racist if they criticize black conservatives should really be talking to African Americans and not their fellow white, right wing comedians. And women who like Rush – yeah, totally self loathing. That Gutfeld’s ladies have no problem with a man who is a misogynist is distressing. I guess that they’ve forgotten that Rush's reviled feminists are the ones who brought them career and reproductive choices. A woman needs Fox News like a fish needs a bicycle! And Greg Gutfeld’s career accomplishments vs. Janeane Garofalo – not even close! But unlike Gutfeld, Garofalo doesn’t have a nightly nationally televised platform from which to communicate her political views!