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FOX News Columnist Advocating "A Declaration Of Independence From OBamaism"

Reported by Ellen - March 1, 2009 -

It's not quite the armed insurrection discussed in the Hannity.com forum but FOXNews.com came in a close second via a post by Jon Kraushar, who describes himself as Dick Cheney's debate coach and a former partner of FOX News head Roger Ailes. Obama has been in office a little more than a month but Kraushar, mimicking the words of the Declaration of Independence, is already urging voters to turn him out. Kraushar is careful to urge readers to act "in the next election" but the rest of his incendiary language hints that he'd really like people to act sooner.

Kraushar begins by saying:

Because creeping socialism is threatening the country it is time for an updated Declaration of Independence—from Obamaism. I offer the following (adapted from our Founding Fathers’ language) and I invite additions or amendments from readers.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that because all men and women are endowed with the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness those rights shall not be usurped by President Obama, who is trying to reshape our economy and way of life to one of Big Government, by Big Government and for Big Government.

Just a hair short of advocating separatism.

Then comes the kicker, written in blue, with large quotation marks around it:

If President Obama’s sweeping plans go forward to have government—rather than the free market—shape environmental, energy, health and educational policy, it is the peoples’ right and it is their duty to throw off such government in the next election.

That paragraph actually occurs later in the column but the FOX editors must have liked it so much they thought it deserved to be repeated and highlighted.

The former partner of "pro-America" Ailes then spends 11 paragraphs both demonizing Obama and fomenting fear about his policies. Kraushar uses such phrases as, "President Obama is capitalizing on the panic Americans are feeling about the economy to try to rush through a wealth transfer—call it a stealth transfer—of money and power to Big Government," and "Obamaism would turn the American dream into a nightmare, where the successful are punished to reward the unsuccessful, where a nanny state infantilizes Americans rather than treating them as adults, where dependency replaces independence and where meritocracy is overwhelmed by a new national culture of mediocrity."

Kraushar sounds a note of urgency, suggesting that maybe we can't wait four years: "Free markets, free trade, freedom of speech (the return of the unfair Fairness Doctrine is being debated as we speak) and the very freedom to succeed by dint of one’s hard work and enterprise are under threat."

He concludes by explicitly calling for readers to express their "indepdendence:"

We the people therefore solemnly publish and declare that these United States ought to be free and independent to shape and choose an alternative path for our country, using our free speech and the influence of legal and peaceful protests. With a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.