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Bill O’Reilly – Overly Inflated Ego Or Bold, Fresh Delusions?

Reported by Priscilla - February 27, 2009 -

The Reality Check segment of last night’s (February 26th) “Factor” should have been titled “fantasy check” as it was yet another journey into the narcissistic and delusional world of being Bill O’Reilly. Despite Bill’s contention that this segment was about “keeping track of the truth and making sure that it’s not messed with,” America’s Daddy proceeded to do just that. If this joker’s head gets any bigger, he’ll be floating down Broadway with Snoopy and all the other cast of characters at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Bill began with the above “in your face” declaration unloosing his terrible, swift loofah on those who “mess with the truth.” (Oh, I feel a little irony coming on!!!!). The man who claimed that a kidnapped teenager enjoyed his captivity criticized an awkward grammatical construct of MSNBC’s political analyst Chuck Todd. Todd is an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University and is the political and political director and chief White House Correspondent for NBC News. O’Reilly is a lying shill for the conservative right wing. (Memo to Bill: your recent comment, “Every fair-minded American in the country knows that Governor Palin got hammered by the media during the presidential campaign,” might be grammatically correct; but it is a generalization without any substantive documentation.) Bill smiled as he said that his third grade nun would have “clocked” Todd. (That Bill seems to accept abusive nun behavior say volumes) To prove that not everyone likes Obama, O’Reilly played a clip of loony tune land dweller Alan Keyes.

The next “check” was all about Bill’s loathing (it’s always all about Bill) for Al Franken. He jokingly (?) described Franken as “communist Al Franken” then said, smirkingly, “excuse me, comedian Al Franken." (Memo to Bill: really, really lame!) Bill then played a tape of Franken saying that the one of the nicest things that happened to him, when he left the radio show, was that he didn’t have to pay attention to O’Reilly anymore. O’Reilly then said, while wagging that finger, (I kid you not) weeellll, I don’t think you’ve stopped paying attention Al, I THINK YOU’RE STILL VERY JEALOUS.” (Comment: Is Bill O’Reilly for f*&king real?! Talk about the ultimate narcissist. Memo to Bill: Don’t flatter yourself!)

The last “check” was an emission of even more ego. The lord of the loofah claimed that after 7 years, his “Radio Factor” went out in a “blaze of glory.” If you’re wondering how he can to that conclusion, he played a clip of himself saying (apparently in a radio interview with some unnamed person) that he got lots of calls from fans saying that they learned so much from Bill. O’Reilly continued this line of blather with the comment that he learned a lot from his listeners who said “this is where you’re going wrong or this is what we like…” (Comment: Right, Bill took criticism from his fans – ROFL!)

Comment: Bill’s radio listeners got to hear about how a victim of a rape/murder was asking for it by the way she dressed. They got to learn about how if Prop 8 were passed, there would be equal protection for polygamous marriages. They also learned that nobody died because of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib. Being the medical expert that he is, he taught his radio listeners that a mother’s life is never in danger during a pregnancy. For more solid information (lies) communicated by Bill, during his radio days, see the rest of the article. But the funny thing is that Bill told the NY Daily News that his listeners “don’t want a host who preaches their viewpoint” and that “I knew that my show couldn’t be ideological.” He claimed that he was doing a show that was “fact based.” So in addition to being a total narcissist, Bill O’Reilly is also a liar – which is part of the narcissistic personality. Perhaps Bill subscribes to the George Costanza school of thought that “it’s not a lie if you believe it.” Blaze of Glory, Bill? I’d say more like a smouldering pile of bold, fresh garbage.