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Steele Says Republicans on a 12-Step Program

Reported by Ellen - February 26, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Julie

OMG, the irony! Making mistakes, then recognizing the mistakes and learning from them is a good thing. But making mistakes, getting busted, and then going on record to say, essentially, “We’re the ones to fix it, trust us,” defies logic and belief. With video.

RNC Chairman Michael “Hip Hop” Steele appeared on Tuesday night’s (2/24/09) Hannity (in a segment headlined "Immovable Front"), and said (I kid you not) of the Republicans: “I think right now we’re in a better position, Sean, to make the argument that a fiscally conservative approach with sound prudent fiscal policies and economic policies is the best way, trusting smaller government, trusting small businesses, to grow us out of this situation.” I mean, I’ve heard of the Peter Principle (you know, when people get promoted to their highest level of incompetence), but THIS guy is saying, yeah, we were promoted to our highest level of incompetence, and we sucked, so promote us again.

Steele blasted Obama’s spending plan, including “9,000 plus additional pork barrel spending projects." What nobody mentioned is that 40% of the earmarks in the current bill come from Republicans. Also, when the Republicans went along, actively participated during the last eight years, as the government spent money like drunken sailors (up to and including the TARP), creating a $317B deficit in 2005, a $248B deficit in 2006, a $158B deficit in 2007 and a $455B deficit in 2008, where was the, what was it, "fiscally conservative approach?"

Despite admitting that “Republicans lost their way when it comes to fiscal responsibility,” Hannity didn’t think it hypocritical to cry in outrage about THIS stimulus. “We’re being told this is fiscally responsible?” he shrieked. Steele commented that “the American people have to realize that since Barack Obama has taken the oath of office he has spent $36 billion dollars a day.” Whoopee. That's just over $1 trillion, and includes the largest recovery plan in history -- which many economists lauded.

Steele continued his Republican Spendaholics Anonymous diatribe by saying, “Look, you know . . . I’ve put us on a 12-step program [what, saying "no" 12 times in a row?] to recovery. I get it. We lost our way, we messed up, we got to Washington, drank from the Potomac, got all high and happy and acted stupid. We spent money, we grew the size of government . . . . we know of what we speak when we talk about the impact on this country . . . from excessive government spending . . . .” Finally, a Republican admits they've been drinking the Kool-Aid. I mean, can you only imagine if some Dem used that argument for, say, the housing bailout? Imagine the Republicans’ response if some "deadbeat" homeowner said, yeah, I abused the system, took money I knew I could never afford to pay back, bought three times the house I could afford or needed, but now . . . well, I’m in a unique position to see how wrong that was so put me in charge of the housing bailout.

Hannity, with his usual spot on, laserlike grasp of the issues, questioned the speed of the President's plans, saying, "We know there is a little backdoor — they are working on the census, they're working on perhaps some version of censoring talk radio, or opposition talk. They're moving very quickly to get these things done. They have used a lot of fear tactics." Mm-hmm, yeah, fear is what makes the Dems run, Sean. Let's see, the last few shows on your show have been about the release of terrorists and the death of personal responsibility in this country, to name just a couple. Did you say "fear tactics"?

Hannity then asked Steele, the master of the concept of power grabbing, “Do you see this as a huge power grab and do you think he’s basically using all of his political capital early now?”

Of course Steele agreed, saying, "This is a massive reorientation of the government and the economy of this country. You want to do it as quickly as you can and, of course, as you know a fast target is a hard target to hit." (But that doesn't mean his gang isn't giving it their best shot.) He credited himself, and the Republicans, for trying to be "as one-step ahead as possible to make sure the American people see the transparency that this government claims should be there. And to expose for what it is, the excessive spending, the continual use of pork barrel through earmarks, and the like." Hmmm, not really sure, Mike, if you're the ones we want doing that. But that's just me.

Steele continued that they (you know, the ones who got us into this mess) "want to be responsible. The president tonight called on us to streamline, to get the excess fat out of the system, and to produce prudent policies." Oh, NOW they want that?

As for earmarks, Steele guaranteed that Republicans were denying themselves earmarks, as well. In response to Hannity's query, "Are they pledging no earmarks themselves?" Steele responded, "Absolutely, they better be, if they know is good for them they had better be." Well, that's not what I heard.

"So, we want to be diligent here," said Steele. "We want to be responsible. The president tonight called on us to streamline, to get the excess fat out of the system, and to produce prudent policies." Steele jived, “We are down with that”. (Just bought yourself maybe 5 urban votes there, Mike, except you should have quoted the words of Eminem, in The Game, "We ain't, goin, nowhere . . . .")