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FOX News Paints Obama Speech As Dishonest

Reported by Ellen - February 25, 2009 -

CNN reports that the overwhelming number of viewers had a positive reaction to President Obama's address to Congress last night. But FOXNews.com got right to work suggesting that Obama had been dishonest. Its homepage had the address as the main story, of course. Shortly after the speech, the main headline was innocuously titled, "Obama Hits Hope Theme." But the caption read, "President walks fine line between honesty about economic crisis, optimism for the future." The following sub-headlines cast further doubt on Obama's honesty.

The subheadlines were: Obama errs in saying US invented automobiles (a minor point in Obama's speech so why give this so much prominence in the coverage if not to discredit him?); AP FACT CHECK: Obama glosses over complexities; Jindal: Obama's economic plan irresponsible; Obama's reputation as good speaker debatable. More on the "debatable" article coming up.


H/T Reader Mike P. for the original screen grab.

Perhaps FOX thought better of its slant. The latest version of the homepage leaves out the direct suggestion that Obama was dishonest (though the automobile error is still prominent) and has removed the question about Obama's speaking abililty.