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Fox&Friends&Andrew Breitbart Claim That US Troops “Intentionally Snubbed” At Oscars

Reported by Priscilla - February 24, 2009 -

Fox News does love its war on Hollywood (despite the apparent contradiction of Fox entertainment being a significant part of the Murdoch empire!) and never misses an opportunity to bash tinsel town. On this morning’s (February 24th) Fox&Friends, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade began the segment by saying that there was “not a single mention or show of support for our troops overseas” on Sunday’s Oscar show. While the chyron read “service snub, no mention of troops at Oscars” they posed the question, “did Hollywood intentionally snub the men and women who fight for our freedom?" To reinforce the assertion (answer the question) they interviewed Andrew Breitbart who doesn’t do shabby chic nearly as well as Christopher Hitchens.

When Kilmeade asked where, in the program, the troops could have been honored, Breitbart said that “they have a new Commander-in-Chief named Barack Obama” whom “everyone in the room seems to be honoring so they missed a “golden opportunity” to show solidarity with the President. (Comment: Uh, Andrew, the President is Commander-in-Chief of the military – not you or me and certainly not Hollywood) Breitbart alleged that the troops have been long forgotten and hardly mentioned during the Oscars. (Comment: As a Hollywood commentator doesn’t Breibart know that Tom Hanks was featured in featured in an ad campaign, “Welcome Back Veterans,” which raised awareness for veterans’ issues.” Didn’t Breitbart read the article in “Politico” which described how Hollywood stars supported Senator Jim Webb’s GI Bill? Doesn’t Breitbart know about Cher’s work with the Intrepid Fund and Operation Helmet?)The chyron read “Where’s the Salute, Oscar’s fail to mention the troops.” Doocy then said that despite “Slumdog Millionaire” being set in Mumbai, there was no mention of the terrorist attacks. (Uh, what is the connection between the movie and the attack on a luxury hotel?)Breitbart veered off into looney tune land when he said that “the war on terror” goes after symbols like the Twin Towers and as such, Hollywood is vulnerable (he has talked to “anti terrorism experts” about this). He gave the example of how Sean Penn could be attacked, kidnapped, and beheaded” and “Hollywood will be targeted in the war on terror.” (Comment: How this connects to the Oscars is beyond me; but whatever, Andrew…..). Breitbart then (thankfully) lost his mic so the rest of his incoherent rambling was lost to the ether.

Comment: Isn’t it a shame that Hollywood can’t conform to Andrew Breitbart’s right wing expectations?! The Oscars are about films. I thought the right wing doesn’t like it when the Oscars get political. This was a truly bizarre little interview; but this was Fox&Friends which is so devoted to “fairness and balance.” (Just Kidding) Talk amongst yourselves!