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O’Reilly and Ingraham Use Beheaded Muslim Wife to Slam Liberal Media

Reported by Ellen - February 22, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Julie

On Thursday’s (2/19/09) O’Reilly Factor, Bill O'Reilly featured Laura "Former Law Clerk to Justice Clarence Thomas" Ingraham to talk about the American beheading of Aasiya Hassan by her banker husband, Muzzammil Hassan. After committing the crime, Mr. Hassan allegedly walked into a police station in Buffalo and turned himself in. But O'Reilly and Ingraham weren't content to treat this story as another horrifying violent crime against women. No, they worked in tandem to flip the script so it had something to do with the liberal media -- mainly, the fact that the liberal media failed in its coverage of this tragedy for what they seem to think are political reasons. With video.

First, O'Reilly asked if the crime had any "special meaning" because he's a Muslim, to which Ingraham replied, "We don't know – that's the question." Ingraham pontificated that "in the media . . . generic term . . . Fox news has actually covered the horrific nature of this story . . . NBC, CBS and ABC have not done stories on this horrific beheading." Uh, except, Laura, you're really, really lying here. As of February 16th, both MSNBC and ABC News had coverage (a day before Fox News, as a matter of fact). On February 17th, CBS News, NBC New York, and ABC News had coverage,. The first coverage that I found on Fox News was on February 17th, and they covered it again on February 18th. Today (Friday), though, if you go on Fox News' website and search "Muslim beheading" or "Muzzammil Hassan" or "Aasiya Hassan," you get the big goose egg - where's the follow-up, guys? It's ironic that O'Reilly referred to the mainstream media as "flat out corrupt" while simultaneously allowing Ingraham to peddle comple falsehoods to unsuspecting viewers.

Ingraham accused CNN Online of downplaying the Muslim angle, and O'Reilly pointed an accusing finger at NBC News because they ran a "puff piece." Ingraham shrieked that there was "no follow-up."

O'Reilly blustered, "Are they afraid . . . of angering Muslims?" "Do you think NBC and the rest of them are afraid to anger Muslims or are they politically correct, which is it?"

Ingraham replied that it was "both," they didn't want to "risk the backlash" and they were "very afraid." She pushed the right-wing message by lamenting that if this were Pat Robertson who lit his wife on fire at the 700 Club Studios they'd be all over it. O'Reilly jumped on the bandwagon to state indignantly that "every Catholic priest who molested a child - bang, right there." (Like the media shouldn't cover this, Bill?)

It may be that other media outlets did not overplay this story because, unlike Fox News, other media outlets don't seem to follow the same kind of anti-Muslim agenda, and that it has absolutely nothing to do with being "very afraid" of not being PC. After all, if Robertson did light his wife on fire, would the "liberal" media start suggesting that it had something to do with Christianity? I doubt it.

FOX News' embed code doesn't seem to be working so here's a link to the video.