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Bill O’Reilly Preaches “Personal Resposibility” - ROFL!!!

Reported by Priscilla - February 22, 2009 -

That Bill O’Reilly, whose lack of “personal responsibility” cost him some "Benjamins" in a sexual harassment suit, can opine on matters of morality is truly amazing. Here is a guy who had no problem talking dirty to an employee who wasn’t exactly turned on by his advances; yet he continues to present himself as a guardian of “traditional” morality. His February 18th segment was yet another paranoid screed couched in the usual Manichean and muy macho battle imagery. Once again, he let loose his terrible, swift loofah on those of us who don’t believe in hectoring others and in the process hectored all those who, according to Bill, don’t believe in personal responsibility. Oh, I feel a little irony coming on!!!!

He began the segment with a statement that “there is a culture war between traditional people who believe in individual responsibility and secular progressives who don’t make judgments." (Memo to Bill: Read your Bible – Matthew 7 – “Judge Not, that ye be judged”) He claimed that the fight has been going on “since the early 70’s when traditions broke down during the Vietman era.” (Gee Bill, I thought the breakdown of morality occurred with the Model T which enabled traditional folks to have sex in cars.) Bill veered off into loony tune land when he said that “The American media are largely secular progressives and only Republicans are vilified for making mistakes.” (Guess Bill hasn’t read the recent coverage of Senator Roland Burris and former Governor Blogojevich. Guess he’s not aware of Fox’s focus on Democratic misbehavior) He claimed that “The media resents judgments about things like drug use, out of wedlock babies, and abortion.” To illustrate irresponsible secular progressive behavior, he ran the crazed chimpanzee 9-11 tape.

Comment: Poor Bill doesn’t realize that it’s not the job of the media to make judgments. (Didn’t he learn that in Graduate School?) And speaking of out of wedlock births – shouldn’t Bill be hectoring Bristol Palin? What does Bill think about Fox News not making any "judgments" on their producer, Aaron Bruns, who was arrested for possessing child pornorgraphy? Google his name on the Fox News website and you won’t find anything about his alleged misbehavior. But not to worry, America’s Daddy is always ready to “wag that finger” at those of us non “traditional” mortals who misbehave. But judgment has been made about Bill O’Reilly. His inclusion in Al Franken’s book, “Lying Liars and the Lies They Tell,” says it all!