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If Bill O’Reilly Is A Journalist, Why Is His Factor “Headline” Inaccurate And Possibly Biased?

Reported by Priscilla - February 21, 2009 -

Bill O’Reilly received a Masters Degree in Journalism from Boston University. His Fox News biography (which cites his “humble beginnings”) references his two awards for “excellence in reporting.” (Note – not Peabody Awards) The biography also mentions that O’Reilly is the “new Pope of TV Journalism” according to Marvin Kitman. (Does that mean he’s infallible?). Interestingly, Kitman also said that Keith Olbermann has "journalistic chops, and the mind, heart, instincts, and courage" in an article titled "Olbermann Rules." So one would think that Bill, as a journalist, would strive for some accuracy in his “reporting.” But his headline in the “Factor Headline” (top right hand side) section of his Fox News website is, from a journalistic perspective, inaccurate. I guess Bill, in addition to being a pope, is also judge and jury as his headline reads “Muslim man beheads wife in Buffalo.” There is a link to the NY Times story which reads “Upstate Man Charged With Beheading His Estranged Wife.” Memo to Bill: the word “charged” is significant here. And why is O’Reilly citing the man’s religion in the headline? If he were reporting on an alleged spousal crime by – say – an Irish Catholic would the suspect’s religion be germane to the story? The NY Times didn’t headline their report of O'Reilly legal problems “Accused of Harassment,” Irish Catholic “ Fox Star Sues and Is Sued.” Bill O'Reilly, “Real Journalism?" I don't think so.