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CNN's Sanchez Calls Out Hannity Over Stanford Endorsement

Reported by Ellen - February 21, 2009 -

Anyone who spent five minutes tuning into Sean Hannity during the presidential campaign heard him rant ad nauseum about Barack Obama's "radical associations." According to Hannity, one's associations reflect one's "character and judgment," and the likelihood that you share the same philosophy. So what are we to conclude from Hannity shilling for a fraudster? CNN's Rick Sanchez called out Hannity for his on-air "unabashed endorsement" of Robert Allen Stanford, now under investigation for massive investment fraud. "The same FOX News host who calls President Obama a socialist," Sanchez added. Then he played audio of Hannity pimping for "our friends at Stanford Coins & Bullion... They'll answer all your questions by the way, about the current price of gold, rare coins, why there's a huge demand and how this might help you diversify, yourself." Sanchez concluded by saying he invited Hannity to respond. Don't hold your breath, Rick. Bullyboy can sure dish it out but his widdle feewings turn vewy, vewy sensitive when he's on the receiving end.