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Lest There Be Any Doubts About Fox News Demographics

Reported by Priscilla - February 20, 2009 -

In addition to providing short propaganda bites under the guise of information, the “fresh pickings” of Bret Baier’s “Grapevine” are also a shout out to the right wing. Wednesday night’s (February 18th) “Grapevine” was a double shot for their target audience. In addition to providing affirmation for those who are upset about the gay community’s boycott of those businesses who supported Prop 8, an issue that Bill O’Reilly reinforced in one of his many homophobic screeds, it also provided an example, to the target audience, of why they hate Bill Clinton. Surprisingly, the data was sourced. If the source was any indication of the target audience, it’s pretty clear that they're sitting on the far right side of the aisle.

Bret Baier’s report was titled “double standard” – a phrase that could easily apply to the Fox News “Grapevine” which does seem to focus on denigrating Democrats. (If Republican Vito Fosella had been covered on “Grapevine,” the title could have been “double trouble!”) The segment was about how Bill Clinton who “opposed same sex marriage and even signed into law the Defense of Marriage legislation” tried to “penalize a hotel owner for supporting the California ballot provision that eliminated the right to marry for same-sex couples.” The source of this news was from LifeSite News – a rabidly anti abortion website. The report continued with the information that Clinton, under “pressure from gay rights groups,” tried to cancel his speaking engagement at a hotel whose owner contributed money to fight Proposition 8. Baier did not include the amount which was $125,000. Baier also didn’t note that mainstream groups such as the International Foundation of Employee Benefits, the San Diego Board of Realtors, the American Assn. of Law Schools and the California Nurses Association are not holding conventions at this hotel due to the owner’s support of Proposition 8. Clinton was not successful in making the change and he did speak at the venue. The last sentence in the report (the one that leaves the nice, sweet taste) was that “spokeswoman Wendy Wright for the Concerned Women for America said that Mr. Clinton's action “reveals the depth of his hypocrisy."

Comment: LifeSite News and Concerned Women for America are not exactly “Main Street” America. Bill O’Reilly talks about “far left loons;” but the concerned conservative babes are out there in an alternate universe. The report was accurate and was contained in a number of “main street” media sources. I guess Fox News needed to do a shout out to its homies. What Baier didn’t mention is that the gay community was also pissed off about Clinton and over a hundred people protested Clinton’s speech outside the hotel. The marriage equality folks are, like the righteous ladies, not happy about Bill Clinton who did say he opposed Proposition 8. Fox usually loves to show that liberals are fighting amongst themselves. But politics “makes strange bedfellows” and I guess that the hateful, homophobic harridans can’t be seen as being in bed with “teh gay!”